Accuracy in Media

In a development that made national news, the online auction EBay recently featured a human kidney for sale. The bidding hit $5.7 million by the time the company put a stop to it. Some observers said both the offer and the bid was a prank. The commercial sale of human body parts is illegal. Well, we�ve come upon some other human organs being put up for sale, in real transactions that have been documented, and we�re quite certain you haven�t heard or read anything about it. This is because these are human organs from aborted babies.  On issues from Waco to TWA 800, the major media have failed to do honest investigative reporting. This cover-up on aborted baby parts probably has more to do with ideology than anything else. The abortion industry has traditionally been spared serious scrutiny because it is perceived to be serving women�s needs. That position can be maintained only as long as the aborted babies are considered to be non-human and without value. But they are valuable enough to be bringing in big money. One price list offers a spinal cord for $325. A brain goes for $999.  These materials have been brought to our attention by a pro-life group called Life Dynamics Incorporated, based in Denton, Texas. They have produced a video and special report documenting what their spies have discovered in the abortion industry. After a two-year undercover investigation, they have obtained and released copies of purchase orders, price lists and sales brochures involving the business of harvesting and selling of aborted baby parts.  One document, a brochure from an Illinois company, explains why this particular “service” has grown so large in recent years: “On January 22, 1993, President Clinton lifted the moratorium on federal funding of research involving transplantation of fetal tissue from induced abortions. This action created a great demand for fetal tissue and has made possible the development of treatments for individuals afflicted with serious diseases and disorders.”  The brochure goes on to say, “Our fee for service is very attractive and lower than the industry average. Our specimens vary widely in range but not limited to those listed below: liver, spleen, pancreas. intestines, kidney, brain, lungs and heart block, spinal column and many more with appropriate discounts that apply if specimen is significantly fragmented.” The brochure says that “fresh fetal tissue” is “harvested and shipped to your specifications – where and when you need it.”  Although the sale of human body parts is supposed to be illegal, the sellers are getting around this prohibition by having the fetal tissue “donated” to them. They pay a “site fee” to the abortion clinics so they can place their employees in there to harvest the material. Researchers then obtain the tissue by paying not for the cost of the body part, but for the cost of retrieval. It�s a gruesome story. And yet at this point we�ve only see one story about the practice in the Alberta Report news magazine. This is a publication from Canada. It is reporting on something happening here. Where is the American media on this story?

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