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“Fox News is gone,” said one of our readers. “Last evening, I saw Howard Stern being interviewed by Sean [Hannity]. Howard Stern has nothing of worth to say to anybody.” Stern is a foul-mouthed “shock jock” who specializes in talking about lesbians and strippers.

It is a mystery why Fox News Channel (FNC) would devote major parts of two shows to Hannity interviewing Stern, while Stern appears in front of a big poster board telling people to sign up for his satellite radio show. It was a new low. Then I heard that Hannity had Stern on his radio show as well.

Even before this atrocity, I was hearing from dozens of people upset about Fox News Channel’s drift.

“I too have given up on Fox,” said another, “so that doesn’t leave much availability for real, fair reported news for us. I depend more and more on what I can search out for myself on the Internet. It is a sad state of affairs, and very dangerous for the American people. I voted for Bush both times. The first time I was hopeful and the second was a no-brainer because of Kerry, but now I’ve resigned myself that our country is on its way out and feel absolutely helpless to stop its slide.”

This was signed, “A grandma worried about her grandkids’ future.”

Responding to FNC’s hiring of liberals like Kimberly Guilfoyle and Marvin Kalb, one told me: “I wonder how many Liberal news agencies are hiring conservatives or moderates? I love Fox News, but if they’re going to turn into a Liberal Press show, forget it. I won’t be watching anymore. Just because the Liberals can’t keep a radio show going doesn’t mean Fox News should be welcoming them to the table.”

Another replied: “I was glad to read this article and to understand that I am not alone in my increasing disappointment with Fox. I spend as much time surfing during some hours than I do in watching Fox. I agree with your assessment of Fox News….They don’t understand that liberals will never accept Fox no matter how many liberals they hire.  Fox News should understand they will lose their base if this trend continues?”

“I thought it was only me,” said one, “but after reading those comments from others know I am not alone.  I have long ago lost faith in the bloviator but after watching Sharpton and Jerry Springer on the Hannity show, can Peewee Herman be far behind?”

“Amen to your story and views on Fox News,” said another. “I have been increasingly disenchanted by them since they began promoting themselves as ‘fair and balanced’ and started filling their ranks with liberals. I have watched Fox News Channel very little for the last couple of years.”

Another critic of Fox said: “I was so happy to read today’s article on Fox News.  I thought I was the only one who noticed them leaning left.  It used to be the only station I watched; now I barely watch it all.  Now, I find myself watching either HGTV (and driving myself and my husband nuts with home improvement project ideas) or the Food Network (and getting so hungry while watching it that I’m forever eating and getting fat).  On those rare occasions when I do watch FNC, I turn it off after only a few minutes, which is about as long as I can take it.  Did Murdoch pull a classic case of ‘bait and switch’ with his FNC?  Reel us in with promises of  ‘fair and balanced,’ show us the “good stuff” when we walk in the door, and then talk us into buying the same old junk that everybody else is selling?  I certainly think so.”

Still another: “You know what?  I don’t want a ‘fair and balanced’ news network.  I hear enough “balance” from the so-called mainstream media.  I want a news network that reports the truth. Hardly a novel or radical idea, don’t you agree?  Isn’t there someone out there somewhere who will finance a truthful news network?  I’d be happy to buy stock in that company.”

“Right on!!!,” said one AIM subscriber.” I could not agree more on your article on Fox hiring liberals. I too am watching Fox less and less. When some liberals come on-especially when they have no rebuttal conservative appearing too-I change channels. Charles Krauthammer should be on every night with Brit and on other shows. Keep up the good work.  I am watching less of FOX News but I do not know exactly why.  Your report will make me more attentive.  I do find myself steering towards Lou Dobbs at times.”

“You said what I have been thinking and voicing to everyone’s ear drums who cared to listen,” said another.

“I read your article with interest and found overall confirmation of what I also had discerned, a leftward tilting of Fox News Channel,” said one. “I fear that the ‘fair and balanced’ moniker has prompted formerly conservative-leaning presenters to sashay to the left a bit.  Personally, I’d rather watch conservatives be unashamedly conservative, because we know that liberals are simply shameless.

“My feeling was that Murdoch pitched Fox to the right out of shrewd commercial opportunism rather than political conviction or even orientation.  I felt that his Australian home-turf was far more indicative of his true orientation… leftist because left politicians are more easily manipulated to do his bidding and thus help him make money.”

One reader offered his theory about the leftward drift of FNC: “Murdoch sees a coming Democratic victory (2008?) and is positioning for it.  Watch for Fox ‘analysts’ to ‘discover’ Hillary’s ‘true’ centrist or even ‘Southern religious-conservative values’ from their lofty ‘conservative’ perch at Fox News and pitch her (or other Democratic Party candidates) to the Heartland.”

“I’m sometimes shocked as I catch a piece of drivel as I pass through the room, thinking of old times when Fox news wasn’t so politically correct and scared to death they wouldn’t cater often enough to all the yowling masses of liberals,” one said.

Still another: “Bill O’Reilly used to say things that needed to be said. However, having appointed himself an unofficial official of government, ordering elected officials to check into issues and report back to him, he has become an unmitigated ass and a liar. (A guest notified him that an essential meeting had been moved up, so he could not be on time. O’Reilly denied being notified, then promptly banned the guy from his show. You decide!).

Finally: “It’s gotten to the point that Brit Hume’s Special Report is pretty much our Fox News viewing experience.”

“Again you’re right on the money with your ‘cut through the bull’ reporting,” one said. “I too have noticed the drift to the left with commentators such as Wesley Clark, Sharpton, and other Bush haters getting more airtime.  Are we ever going to have a true conservative news channel?”

One replied: I too find myself watching FNC less and less.  It must be because they have lost their direction. Two years ago, I seldom missed The Factor.  Success has gone right to Bill’s head.  And now I seldom watch it.”

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