Accuracy in Media

That was the title of a panel at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington last month. It featured three print media journalists who have appeared regularly on TV?Chris Matthews, Fred Barnes and Ann Coulter. Barnes and Coulter write for conservative weekly journals. Matthews hosts a show called Hardball on CNBC.

Chris Matthews analyzed Clinton?s spin technique, saying he first admits that he has a problem and then lies about what his problem is. He said Clinton is a master at exploiting the short attention span of the public and the media. Barnes described Clinton as a great manipulator, one who manipulates everyone. He said Clinton has outsmarted and out-negotiated the Republicans, but he has not manipulated them successfully very often. Clinton?s skill at lying, the timidity of the Republican leaders in Congress and even the flaws of George Bush and Bob Dole were all discussed.

The panelists were entertaining, but they displayed no awareness of the manipulation technique Clinton has used successfully over the years to to get away with behavior and cover-ups that would sink any normal politician. When they finished their presentations, Reed asked a question that exposed the fact that they themselves, like most journalists, have been manipulated by Bill Clinton.

My question was, “Which of you have investigated and reported on the really outrageous cover-ups and lies of Clinton and his administration ?the cover-up of the Foster death, the cover-up of the cause of the crash of TWA Flight 800, the cover-up of the Oklahoma City bombing, to mention only a few? Or which of you have attacked those of us who have done this, because you have been spun by the Clinton attack that anyone who does this is a conspiracy kook?” I knew that none of them had investigated these cover-ups and that all of them had been influenced by the Clinton tactic of smearing those who have exposed these cover-ups as conspiracy theorists.

Fred Barnes, whose magazine, The Weekly Standard, has attacked Chris Ruddy and Reed Irvine for exposing the evidence that Vince Foster did not commit suicide, said nothing. Nor did Chris Matthews. Only a few hours earlier, Reed had shown him the recently discovered evidence found in the Vince Foster autopsy report that proves that Foster was murdered. Matthews displayed no interest at all in this evidence of an outrageous cover-up by the White House and the FBI.

When the audience demanded that the question be answered and booed the silent panelists, Ann Coulter, who writes for the conservative weekly, Human Events, said, (quote) “In general I will believe any conspiracy that involves well, maybe, up to three people. I will not believe any conspiracy that must involve 200, 300, 1,000 people.” Gary Nolan, a radio talk show host who introduced the panel, indicated he didn?t know anything about the TWA Flight 800 (quote) “conspiracy theories,” but he said it would be hard (quote) “to keep that many people quiet.” These journalists [who were supposed to tell how Clinton manipulated Republicans] demonstrated that they, [like almost all journalists,] are being manipulated by Clinton and don?t even know it.

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