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In its May issue, the Massachusetts News featured an incredible story about a workshop held at Tufts University last March for high school students where state employees taught them the techniques of homosexual sex. This article showed how homosexuals are recruiting children in the public schools of Massachusetts. It exposed the fact that this is being promoted with public funds in the guise of a program to make schools safe for gay students.

This shocking story was broken by Jeanine Graf on her radio talk show in Boston. She played tapes of what transpired at the workshop that had been secretly recorded by a member of an organization called the Parents Rights Coalition. These parents have been trying to get state authorities to investigate the activities of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Educational Network, GLESEN, that gets $1.5 million a year from the Governor’s Commission for Gay and Lesbian Youth. The parents believe this organization tries to make converts among the straight students in high schools.

Their efforts were brushed aside by the education authorities in the state until they taped the workshop GLESEN sponsored at Tufts. The tape proved that homosexual state employees whose job was to try to help homosexual students to avoid getting AIDS were instructing students as young as twelve or thirteen in homosexual practices. The details of what the tapes reveal are too shocking for us to discuss on the air. Jeanine Graf of station WTTK-FM in Boston put them on the air to force the state government to pay attention to what its employees were doing.

This generated a lot of interest, but the establishment media did not want to touch the story. A week after Graf broke the story, the Associated Press put a good story on the state wire reporting that what was supposed to be a workshop for teens on safe sex had “turned into a graphic discussion on homosexual acts.” It said that after hearing the tape, Commissioner of Education David Driscoll said, “The workshops were of a prurient nature, and not educational. What we heard suggests that the discussion contributed absolutely nothing to the students’ understanding of how to avoid AIDS.”

Two days later the three state employees who ran the workshops were dismissed. Driscoll directed his staff to quit working directly with students on issues of sex education, telling them to focus on educating teachers and parents. At the same time, the state legislature approved giving another million and a half dollars to GLESEN, the sponsor of the gay recruitment workshop.

The establishment media showed how much they are influenced by the homosexuals. The Boston Globe did not report what Driscoll said until a week later when it reported that a judge had issued a preliminary injunction barring dissemination of the tape or any discussion of its contents. This gag order even prevented the legislature from discussing the tape when it was considering the $1.5 million appropriation for the gay-lesbian organization. The Globe did not even protest the unconstitutional gag. We will have more on this in our next commentary.

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