Accuracy in Media

The media are showing their pro-homosexual bias with their excessive coverage of the “Cowboy Sweethearts” movie, Brokeback Mountain.  On the website of the Washington Post, I counted nine stories in 6 days about the film:

  • Brokeback Mountain Tests Oscar Waters, Dec. 13

  • N.Y. Critics Honor Brokeback Mountain, Dec. 13

  • Brokeback Mountain Leads Globe Nods, Dec. 14

  • L.A. Critics Honor Brokeback Mountain, Dec. 10

  • Gay-rights Activists Elated by Brokeback, Dec. 15,

  • Lost in Love’s Rocky Terrain, Dec. 16

  • Wrangling With Love on the Range, Dec. 16

  • In Focus: Brokeback Mountain’s Heath, Dec. 16

  • Mountain Man Ledger’s Steady Climb to the Top, Dec. 16

Can anyone seriously doubt there is a pro-homosexual bias at the Post?

The “Lost in Love’s Rocky Terrain” story called the movie “welcome and deeply humanist.”  New York Times columnist Frank Rich was so enamored of the film that he dropped his Bush-bashing long enough to do a glowing review.

The saturation coverage is designed to get enough people to go see the movie so that it can be called a success and even more explicit pro-homosexual movies can be released to the general public. It will be another breakthrough for the homosexual lobby, which still manages to transform their deadly and dangerous lifestyle into something considered mainstream and even attractive. Whatever damage is done will be rectified by more federal spending on AIDS.  But no major media commentator will make the connection between presenting the dangerous lifestyle in a positive manner and the AIDS cases that will inevitably result. That connection is considered politically incorrect.

The two main actors, Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal, were featured on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, which touted Brokeback Mountain as “The Year’s Most Daring Love Story.” The two characters in the movie have children but are separated from their wives when they engage in homosexual conduct. So it’s an immoral and unhealthy lifestyle packaged together with adultery. What a combination.

The media game plan was revealed when the story noted that the film had “a real shot of breaking out of art houses and into the mainstream.” That was dependent, of course, on the major media giving the film virtual non-stop publicity. The positive reviews will be up for awards from the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. By their definition, criticism of the film is defamatory.

Stephen Bennett, a former homosexual, was quoted in a story by Hilary White on as saying, “What a sad day in America when a movie that glorifies homosexuality, adultery, dangerous and deadly unprotected anal sex and deception is up for Best Picture of the Year.”

Bennett added, “I’ve buried too many friends who died from AIDS to keep quiet on this one.” Don’t expect to see Stephen Bennett’s comments quoted in the Post. The paper just doesn’t have any room for them.

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