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Referring to Hollywood’s Golden Globe awards, which are seen as a preview of what might happen on Oscar Night, an AP story said, “It was a triumphant night for films dealing with homosexuality and transsexuality.” The 78th annual Academy Awards will air March 5 on ABC.

Meanwhile, USA Today published a December 21 article, “Films show terrorists as people,” on how Hollywood is showing a “new side of terrorism.”  The story by Scott Bowles said that “To the dismay of some critics, several films are offering humanizing portraits of extremists, including suicide bombers?” It cites “Paradise Now,” about suicide bombers; “Syriana;” “Sleeper Cell” on Showtime; and Steven Spielberg’s “Munich.”

Can it get any worse than this? Hollywood is promoting decadence at home while depicting our enemies as worthwhile human beings. It’s like Hollywood is telling Osama bin Laden and his crew that we’re ripe for the picking.

The Hollywood-funded Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) is ecstatic over the R-rated homosexual propaganda film, “Brokeback Mountain,” getting four Golden Globes. GLAAD says, “‘Brokeback Mountain’ is an American love story about two people who simply cannot have what they want because of societal prejudice.” By contrast, Ted Baehr of MovieGuide calls it “twisted, laughable, frustrating and boring Neo-Marxist homosexual propaganda.” The Office for Film and Broadcasting for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops calls the film morally offensive.

If it’s not bad enough that Hollywood is promoting immorality and a soft-on-terrorism message, there are plans to launch a horror-film cable channel. There’s nothing wrong with a good “spine chiller,” but the Independent film studio Lions Gate is said to be behind this new venture. Lions Gate is responsible for such trash as “Devil’s Rejects” and “Hostel.”

The Catholic Office for Film and Broadcasting describes “Hostel” as “nauseatingly vile” and “Devil’s Rejects” as “sinking to nauseating lows in presenting depravity as entertainment.”

Nevertheless, Lions Gate reports that it has “attracted a diverse spectrum of blue-chip investors including Fidelity Management, Capital Research and Management, professional sports and broadband entrepreneur Mark Cuban and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.”

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