Accuracy in Media

Fear of offending the homosexual lobby has come to the point where the media are disguising the true facts about notorious murders committed by two lesbians against an elderly couple in Atlanta, Georgia.  We at AIM have received complaints about the coverage of this case by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, which said the accused killers, Holly Harvey, 15, and Sandy Ketchum, 16, were merely “involved in a romantic relationship.”  It never used the word “lesbian.”  An Associated Press story said that the Atlanta couple was allegedly stabbed to death by their granddaughter “and her girlfriend.”

The victims were Carl and Sarah Collier, who were taking care of their granddaughter because her mother, a drug abuser and stripper, was in prison.  Her father had deserted her.  On the day of the murders, the girls had been in the basement of the Collier home smoking marijuana.  When the Colliers came home, they were savagely attacked.  Each was stabbed 15 times.  In a follow-up story, “Why Teens Kill,” in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, reporter Gayle White said that the girls were angry because the pair disapproved of their granddaughter’s “possible lesbian relationship” and the marijuana use.  The Colliers were conservative Christians who had given up their retirement to take care of their troubled granddaughter. 

In another story you may have missed, two lesbians in San Diego, California, recently pleaded guilty to several failed attempts to murder one of the women’s husbands, in an effort to get his life insurance money.  The lesbians tried to murder the husband with an overdose of pain killers, a gun, and hiring somebody to stab him.  All the attempts failed.  They were apprehended with a bag of the poison ricin, which they were apparently going to use on him as well.

None of this may be that shocking in light of Hollywood’s glorification of Eileen Wuornos, the lesbian serial killer. Hollywood made the film, Monster, about Wuornos, which won an Academy award for actress Charlize Theron.  Despite the title, one reviewer on the “lesbianlife” Website said that the film made “it possible to see the humanity, however flawed, of a woman scorned by society.”

A brief lesbian relationship is featured in the movie, Thirteen, rated R for drug and alcohol use, self-destructive violence, profanity and sexuality.  All of this involves young teens.  Some particularly disgusting scenes feature one of the teenagers cutting herself with scissors and razor blades.  A film critic, Pam Grady of, said the film shows “the real lives of teenagers.”  We doubted that until we discovered some of the details about the case of Holly Harvey and Sandy Ketchum.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution asked, “Why Teens Kill?”  Perhaps some of the answers lie in Hollywood and the media.  Lesbianism is being depicted as part of growing up, and when the lifestyle leads to brutal murder, in conjunction with drug abuse, society is being blamed.  The lives of real people are being destroyed, but Hollywood will carefully conceal its role in the carnage.  The monsters are those producing this trash.

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