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A reader sent us a clip about “James Bond” director Lee Tamahori being arrested in an undercover prostitution sting and noted: “People wonder why ‘Bareback Mounting’ is voted No. 1 by the Hollywood elites.” He was referring, of course, to “Brokeback Mountain,” the film that depicts homosexual relations between married men with children as normal and even healthy.

Tamahori, director of Pierce Brosnan’s 2002 James Bond film “Die Another Day,” was dressed in a wig and a dress when he was arrested for soliciting sex from an undercover police officer. That doesn’t sound normal or healthy. 

Actually, the Tamahori arrest brings up another Hollywood film, “Transamerica,” about transsexuality, or people who dress up as members of the opposite sex, or have sex-change operations.  Felicity Huffman received an Oscar nomination for her role as a transsexual in the film.

It is written and directed by Duncan Tucker, who was also one of the directors of the film, “Boys to Men,” about male homosexuals. 

In an article headlined, “The man behind the woman playing a man,” Lydia Martin on wondered why Tucker, “gay and out,” didn’t make the film more about “transcending gender,” whatever that means.

As one reviewer on a homosexual website put it, “Duncan Tucker is not making a propaganda film about transgenderism. Rather, he seems simply interested in telling the story of one part of the human spectrum. And in telling it honestly, subtly, with pathos and humor, with intelligence and insight Transamerica is an original film in one of the hottest cinematic seasons in years.”

In other words, it is carefully disguised propaganda.

Alluding to “Brokeback Mountain” and “Transamerica,” he said, “It will only be a few years from now that one will be able to truly estimate the significance of this film season right now, where so much queer-related cinema came out of Hollywood’s closet and staked its claim, not only at the political table but also at the aesthetic buffet of only the highest standards of performance and production.”

On the political table?

That’s the goal?political acceptance of the homosexual and transgender lifestyle.

The main homosexual political action committee, the Human Rights Campaign Fund, is about “working for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equal rights.”

It’s no wonder the group is sponsoring “Hooray for Hollywood” Oscar parties on March 5, the night of the Academy Awards.

Let’s hope the radical Islamists don’t watch the Academy Awards that night and get even more motivated to kill us.

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