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ABC News has transferred Lisa McCree. She and Kevin Newman have been canned as co-hosts of its “Good Morning America” program. McCree will now be doing “special projects” for the network, whatever that means. Reporters have interpreted the shift as evidence of how “ailing” the ABC morning program is, but ABC officials don?t want to talk about the show?s lousy ratings. Diane Sawyer and Charles Gibson are being brought on as co-hosts to try to rescue the program.

They will undoubtedly be an improvement over Lisa McCree, whose liberalism reached high levels of kookiness and offensiveness. To give you one example, consider when Washington Post media reporter Howard Kurtz appeared on ABC?s Good Morning America to talk about Clinton officials, such as Ann Lewis, who had been caught up in the president?s lies about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky. Lewis had insisted the president was telling the truth when he said he didn?t have sex with Lewinwsky. Then, the truth came out and Lewis looked like a fool. Kurtz said of Lewis and others like her who stuck their necks out for the president: “…their own credibility has taken a hit.” But Lisa McCree responded, “But it?s also courageous professionalism, some would say.”

Courageous professionalism to lie for the boss to the American people? This is just one of several absurd statements made by McCree on Good Morning America, which were recently highlighted by the Media Research Center in its survey of the year?s worst reporting. I served as one of several judges and was amazed at how many submissions came from McCree. It?s impossible to avoid the conclusions that her bone-headed statements must have been a factor in her ouster.

Here?s another one: responding to conservative columnist Betsy Hart?s criticism of the president?s behavior in the scandal, McCree said, “But do you give the president at least a little – not credit—but a little sympathy, when you read details like [Monica Lewinsky] snapping the straps of her thong underwear to entice him, asking for a job. Do you think that it mitigates our view of the president in any way?” In other words she is saying, “the president can be expected to fall for such a temptation. He?s a man, after all. He was manipulated by that Lewinsky girl. It?s not the president?s fault.”

Continuing this line of attack, McCree asked P.J. O?Rourke if the investigation of the president was a “witch hunt.” She said, “…couldn?t the Democrats and President Clinton?s people…be right – that even though he screwed up there?s some political motivation there. Couldn?t that be right?” But here?s the big winner, the prize-winning entry in the Good Morning Morons Award category. McCree had this to say: “Women who?ve been polled seem to put it behind them as well, and are willing to move on and forget about it. Is that because Bill Clinton?s been such a great president whom they elected in great part, or is there something I want to say almost sexy about a man who can get away with things over and over again?” Something sexy about an adulterer and a liar? Good riddance to Lisa McCree.

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