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The U.S. Government has spent an incredible amount of money?$150 billion?on AIDS.  This dwarfs spending on any other disease.  And you rarely see or hear anything critical of this massive spending in the media.  What you read about is the need to spend more.  This phenomenon demonstrates the influence that homosexuals, who are most susceptible to the disease, have in the media.

As proof, we examined the agenda of the recent convention of the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association in New York.  It was a literal “who’s who” of major media stars.  The group announced that speakers and participants would come from “most major U.S. newspapers and television and radio outlets.”  Dan Rather was the biggest star.  Also from CBS was Harry Smith.  Other participants were Margaret Carlson, David Brock, and Pete Williams of NBC News.  Brock is the former conservative who announced he was gay and has become a leading light in the anti-Bush movement.  He now runs a website devoted to bashing conservatives in the media.  Convention attendees were told that Garret Glaser, correspondent for CNBC Business News, would interview Brock about his new organization, Media Matters for America, and “his years as a conservative media insider.”

On the Fox News Watch show, conservative columnist and long-time journalist Cal Thomas said he was opposed to journalists promoting the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association.  He said journalists should be journalists, period, and not identified with a particular viewpoint.  He noted that one speaker was openly associated with opposition to a federal amendment to protect traditional marriage between a man and a woman.  Another panelist, Jane Hall of American University, said she was also uncomfortable with journalistic involvement in the pro-gay event.

The moderator of the show, Eric Burns, noted that CNN was sponsoring a recruiting booth at the convention.  And he was honest enough to admit that Fox News was a sponsor.  That’s right?conservative Fox News was a sponsor of the gay media convention, in addition to the Washington Post, New York Times and other Big Media organizations.

The gay group is sponsoring its first-ever “Media Summit” with panels on different topics of interest to gays.  One panel features someone named Leslie Feinberg, identified as an “activist.”  Feinberg is a man who became a woman.  He is also a leading member of the communist Workers World Party.  The speaker mentioned by Cal Thomas was Evan Wolfson, executive director of Freedom to Marry, a pro-gay marriage group.  He was advertised as conducting a review of “the latest developments and future activity of marriage for same-sex couples, which has dominated headlines for months.”  Wolfson was a lawyer in the Hawaii marriage case that tried to establish gay marriage as a right.

The agenda of the convention of the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association sounded like any other gay rights event.  The difference is that journalists were a big part of it.  It shows how the Big Media have adopted the gay rights cause as their own.  No wonder there are so few conservatives in the media.

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