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Ed Pawlick’s new book, Libel, examines a new scandal haunting the New York Times.  “Gay marriage didn’t just happen in Massachusetts,” he says.  “It was engineered by the Times.”  But that’s not a scandal for the paper itself.  The Times promotes the gay-rights agenda and still claims to be fair and balanced on the issue.  It also receives awards from the gay lobby, making a mockery of its own claims about covering this critical social issue in a straightforward and objective manner.

Recently, the gay pressure group known as the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, or GLAAD, bestowed its awards on those “individuals and projects in the media and entertainment industries for their fair, accurate and inclusive representations of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and the issues that affect their lives.”  In the list was the New York Times, honored for “Outstanding Newspaper Overall Coverage.”

That’s quite an award.  That means that the paper was honored for its coverage in all sections of the paper?from news to editorials to the Times magazine.  Times columnist Frank Rich was honored by GLAAD for “Outstanding Newspaper Article.”  His piece, entitled, “Angels, Reagan and AIDS in America,” was an attack on President Reagan’s record on AIDS.  At the time, GLAAD called it “remarkable” and urged its followers to thank the Times for running it.  GLAAD said the piece would “offer new opportunities to examine the homophobia that informed AIDS policy in the 80s?and informs it today.”

GLAAD is the group that forced Dr. Laura off the air on radio for supposedly offending the homosexuals.  It also played a major role in getting MSNBC to fire Michael Savage for anti-homosexual remarks.  On the other hand, GLAAD honors and defends its supporters in the media.  Besides the Times and Frank Rich, other GLAAD honorees included HBO’s Angels in America as “Outstanding Television Movie;” Ellen Goodman of the Boston Globe as “Outstanding Newspaper Columnist;” and John Cloud of Time magazine for “Outstanding Magazine Article,” a piece entitled, “The New Face of Gay Power.”

Ed Pawlick documents gay power in the role of the Times and its subsidiary, the Globe, in forcing homosexual marriage on the people of Massachusetts.  It is significant that two of GLAAD’s recent awards went to the Times and the Globe.  These two newspapers frequently function as house organs of the gay-rights movement.  The April 11 edition of the New York Times Magazine was a further demonstration of this fact.  A long article was about unhappiness by gay “Log Cabin Republicans” with the Bush administration’s support for a constitutional amendment against homosexual marriage.  “It feels like an expression of hate,” says the author, acting as a mouthpiece for their views.

Not surprisingly, the Log Cabin Republicans sent out an email message in advance of the piece, advising its supporters to “check out the? comprehensive story about Log Cabin Republicans and our effort to defend the Constitution.”  That is, defending the constitution against those who want to protect traditional marriage.  That’s their bias?a bias shared by the major media.

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