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The conviction of an American Muslim for plotting to assassinate President Bush has been strangely underplayed by our media. The New York Times carried the story back on page 20. But the story has ominous implications, not only because the would-be assassin had a relationship with Al Qaeda but because he was educated in a Saudi-government school on American soil in Virginia. But how did he develop his strong hatred of the United States and President Bush?

He moved to Saudi Arabia and came under the influence of Al Qaeda. But there is plenty of opportunity to get motivated to hate Bush by reading Frank Rich columns in the New York Times. Rich has joined those critics of the Bush Administration who see a sinister “neo-con” conspiracy behind the invasion of Iraq.

We’re not sure what Rich means by “neo-con,” but he has to know that to many people, especially in the Arab and Muslim world, this is code for Jewish. So use of the term motivates those who want to kill us?and the President.

Here, one Texe Marrs offers this analysis:  “President George W. Bush is merely the puppet and ‘go-for boy’ of powerful, behind-the-scenes, Marxist, neo-con, dual loyalist Jews. That’s the conclusion of people in the know in Washington, D.C. Bush’s total cave-in to these alien, Jewish foreign policy thugs is also well-known in Europe and the Middle East, where top newspapers and magazines regularly talk about this and frequently name and unmask the very Jews who lurk behind the closed doors of the Bush White House.” The comments are posted, appropriately enough, at

Is Frank Rich one of those “in the know?”

Lyndon LaRouche, the ex-felon, former Marxist  and perennial presidential candidate, has issued a report calling high-level members of the Bush Administration “children of Satan.” The LaRouche website claims that “Scores of major newspapers around the world republished portions of the report, and many leading American investigative reporters and members of Congress used the material first published in Children of Satan as the basis for their own investigations, creating a climate of widespread public exposure of the neo-conservative cabal inside the Bush Administration, which duped the American people, the Congress, and some international leaders into backing a thoroughly unjust war against Iraq?”

Not surprisingly, LaRouche and some of his associates from the LaRouche publication “Executive Intelligence Review (EIR),” have appeared on Al-Jazeera.

In fact, a LaRouche press release says the interview of LaRouche, which aired in 2002, was the  fourth installment of a new program on Al-Jazeera. The release says that “The first one was on the similarities between the Israeli army’s operations against the Palestinians and the Nazi Warsaw Ghetto methods. The second installment invited EIR’s Jeff Steinberg to comment on Sharon’s and the Anglo-Americans’ plans for the Middle East. The third, last Thursday, featured EIR’s Ed Spannaus, who talked about the Israeli spy story. The Al-Jazeera Channel is watched by millions of Arabs around the world.”

Wouldn’t you like to know the names of those “leading investigative reporters and members of Congress” who have “used the material” from the “Children of Satan” report?

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