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Someone posted a message on the Free Republic website which noted that, “Conservatives are disgusted by Fox TV yet watch Fox News more than any other news outlet. If those same conservatives would voluntarily turn off Fox News a couple days per week, maybe the conservative base of Fox News viewers could bring pressure to bear on [Fox owner Rupert Murdoch] to clean up the other half of his empire, Fox TV. Fox TV does not reflect the values of the average viewer of Fox News. This is a chance to influence that programming.”

The “chance” stems from the debut on October 20th of “Skin,” described by TV critic Rob Owen as “the first prime-time drama set in the world of pornography.” Fox describes it as a show that “exposes a world of forbidden love, naked ambition, family betrayals and the business of moral corruption.” USA Today says the pilot “sets up a complex web of love, drugs, politics and porn?”

The Catholic Family Association of America isn’t falling for the claim that this is somehow an expos? of the pornography business. It says the show constitutes the “mainstreaming of pornography.” Jim Leonard, the creator and executive producer of the show, says, “We have a working porn director who is a technical adviser for us.”

The CFAA says moral conservatives should hit Fox owner Rupert Murdoch where they have the most influence?in the ad revenues of Fox News. CFAA president Timothy A. Chichester wants people to turn off Fox News for three days a week until Murdoch cancels “Skin.” He calls it out-foxing Fox. Ideally, he not only wants “Skin” axed, but also the rest of the sleazy Fox sewer roto-rootered.

Chichester says conservatives are fools if they believe that the conservative shows that appear on Fox News are there because Murdoch is a good-hearted conservative fellow. He says the sleazy programs are more indicative of the Rupert Murdoch who served as vice finance chairman for a Gore fund-raiser in 2000, contributed $50,000 to the Gore campaign, and arranged for a ten million dollar freebie for Gore and his 2000 Democrat convention. The latter is a reference to the fact that the 2000 Democratic Convention was held in Los Angeles because the owners of the Staples Convention Center agreed to allow the party to use the facility at no charge. As a co-owner of the arena, Murdoch had to sign off on that deal, saving the Democrats up to $10 million.

He says conservatives are caught in the middle, and Murdoch until now has been the big winner. He comments that, “Murdoch happily rakes the cash in from both sides of the cultural divide. In one hand he holds Fox-Sleaze and the other Fox News. The first caters to the social liberals based on the proposition that the deeper the TV dumpster the bigger the bottom-feeder bucks to be hauled up. Fox News caters to those who seek refuge from the nauseating reek of the pit. Wow, what a market straddle! What a two-headed money machine.” USA Today wonders whether advertisers will buy into an “edgy” program such as “Skin.” Chichester thinks news consumers can help decide the matter.

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