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He was denounced by Bill Clinton for a “conservative hit job.” But Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace atoned for his sins. He praised Clinton crony Richard Branson on his October 22 show as the “Power Player of the Week” for contributing to fighting global warming. It may not have been a coincidence that Branson’s contribution was announced at the September meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative! Wallace aired film footage of Branson making his announcement at the event and getting praised by Clinton for it. 

Wallace’s puff-piece for Branson, who carries the British title of “Sir,” was evidence of a trend at Fox News of going easy, not hard, on the Clintons and their cronies. 

You may recall that former President Clinton had agreed to sit down for an interview with Wallace if half of it would concern his Clinton Global Initiative. But before Wallace could get to that in detail, Clinton was grilled over his handling of the terrorism problem. Asked about charges that he missed numerous opportunities to get Osama bin Laden, Clinton went ballistic, attacking Wallace and Fox News.

One cannot understand this development and what followed without taking into account that Rupert Murdoch, head of the Fox News parent company, had just appeared at the same Clinton Global Initiative, announcing he would contribute $500,000 to the former president’s project. Murdoch must have been watching the Wallace-Clinton interview unfold with some concern. 

The glorification of Branson, for his work on global warming and AIDS and other causes, may have been one way to get back on Clinton’s (and Murdoch’s) good side.

Although Murdoch denied it at his recent annual meeting, under questioning by AIM, the evidence is overwhelming that he is making overtures to the liberal-left. The fundraiser he staged for Hillary Clinton is the most blatant example of this. He’s even buying into the liberal man-made global warming theory.

This is now becoming an open secret, on the right and the left. Citing his son James Murdoch’s close relationship with Al Gore, left-wing journalist Stephen Mayne writes approvingly that Rupert Murdoch is now “completely on-song with the need for urgent climate change action?” 

James Murdoch, who runs British Sky Broadcasting (a subsidiary of News Corporation) might one day take over News Corporation itself. But his father won’t publicly discuss the matter of succession. 

Incidentally, Wallace neglected to mention that Branson’s contribution to fight global warming (in the form of future profits from his companies) will be going back into his own companies to develop synthetic fuels. So it’s really not philanthropy, as Wallace claimed. It’s reinvestment designed to generate more profits for Branson.

In a possibly related matter, Fox News Channel has banned a pro-American ad, entitled “Defending Freedom,” from the Move America Forward organization. Fox said it lacked documentation, a flimsy charge since it merely documented Clinton’s mishandling of the terrorism problem. This is the same issue, of course, that got Chris Wallace into hot water.

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