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We have been told that we won a dubious award from an anchor for MSNBC for noting the leftward drift of Fox News. He seemed incredulous that anyone could accuse Fox of being anything but extreme right-wing. We’ve got news for you?the drift continues.

Fox News Channel (FNC) recently hired Kimberly Guilfoyle, a noted supporter of the homosexual rights movement, as the host of a new show called The Lineup. Guilfoyle joined her husband at the 15th Annual GLAAD Media Awards at the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco, June 5, 2004. GLAAD, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, specializes in promoting homosexuality in the media. Her husband is the San Francisco Mayor, Gavin Newsom, who led the fight for homosexual marriage.

One of the entries in the 15th annual GLAAD Media Awards was an Oprah Winfrey show on “The Husband Who Became a Woman.”

Guilfoyle, who sometimes uses her husband’s last name, is an active member in the San Francisco affiliate of the National Women’s Political Caucus, a pro-abortion feminist group. The National Women’s Political Caucus of San Francisco is opposed to parental consent and notification laws on abortion. It also opposes the outlawing of the gruesome practice of partial birth abortion.

She attracted national attention in 2004 when she was caught “pantomiming eating a banana when talking about her husband’s sexuality,” according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Guilfoyle insisted the joke had somehow been misinterpreted.

Guilfoyle, a former Assistant District Attorney at the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, is supposed to use her Lineup show to talk about criminal justice issues. Perhaps her liberal views on social issues won’t surface.

Meantime, our commentary on the leftward drift of FNC has drawn more interesting responses from many who detect the trend. Fox News Channel ignores these sentiments at its own risk.

“Great article on Fox News and Conservatives,” said one. “I’m glad someone besides me is finally telling people that Fox News is not fair and balanced, never has been, and some of the most destructive programming on the airwaves is coming from Murdoch controlled sources.  You are absolutely right that the real issue was a business issue and it appears that now Fox News has decided their niche is sufficiently secure to attempt to come out of the woods to try to help the liberals retake Congress in 2006.”

Another wrote, “Bull’s Eye! The biggest head scratcher for me is the love affair Fox has with Wesley Clark! He is on everywhere!  And, as you point out, with no rebuttal guest. Is that part of his contract? That no one will respond to him? Disgusting!”

“I have been a long-time Fox News viewer,” said another. “But am slowly finding my viewing time whittled down to nothing but Brit Hume’s hour?with usually a good conservative tone to it ?and see less and less of Tony Snow (who I also like) on weekends .. the morning show is gossip and entertainment (loosely defined) and trivial chatter .. and not news any more. It’s sliding downhill fast .. but regrettably there’s nothing filling the gap except radio, newsletters and blogs .. !! So I often switch to sports on ESPN or elsewhere when Fox changes hosts each hour. On the Alito hearings, even MSNBC had better, more complete coverage!”

“I thought it was just me feeling anger at Fox News,” said one reader. “The height of my anger was reached when I realized they had put Wes Clark on their payroll.  He is so biased and boorish I don’t know what Fox was thinking.  Then last night I saw Bill O’Reilly making nice with Paul Begala and the Rajun Cajun, two of the biggest liberals I know of.  I have tuned Fox News off except if I know they will have someone who is intelligent and not a biased hypocrite.”

One said, “Thank you so much for giving attention to what Fox is allowing to happen to their once very good Conservative News Channel!! I kept thinking someone other than this old lady (72) can see what is happening to the only half-way good News Channel left on the Air.  Thank you for finally bringing it out, so they will either have to admit their new direction, or change their ways.  If they don’t do something real soon, Fox will be lower in ratings than all the others.”

Another: “I too, have noticed a serious decline in the news reporting/analysis. My greatest beefs are with O’Reilly, especially since he has the capacity to do really good work, and occasionally does so, but too often goes for the superficial. First of all, he spends way too much dead time with the likes of Geraldo (just a showboat) and Juan Williams, who can always be relied on to stretch a point to make sure he criticizes the right, even when it truly isn’t called for. And at this point in history, what possible value except comic relief is there in bringing on buffoons like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and others who have become some of his ‘regulars’?

“Also, he appears to be totally uninformed and naive on the ‘war hero’ scam that is constantly played by the left.  Has he even read ‘Unfit for Command’, that he continually refers to it as a ‘smear’? Instead, he often brings on Douglas Brinkley as an ‘expert historian,’ whose book on Kerry was a laughable hagiography. He needs to educate himself on this issue by reading a book called ‘Stolen Valor’ that not only exposes this scam industry but destroys a lot of myths about Vietnam and the aftermath. On this same point, why does he dismiss out of hand any questions on military service records, whether for people on the right or the left? He seems to be ignorant of the fact that there have been many phonies, who for years based their celebrity status and “careers” on their “war record”, only to be exposed as frauds. After all, if the left (or the right) holds up one of their instant celebrities (like Murtha) as unassailable because of their ‘war record,’ why is it off limits to at least investigate to confirm that war record? That isn’t a ‘smear,’ it’s a verification by good journalistic investigation.

“Finally, he is abysmally ignorant about scientific matters like the global warming exaggerations and the enormous world-wide suffering the politically correct environmental movement is creating. The show has become so disappointing I now find myself muting the sound on his show for about three quarters of the time (to do my crossword puzzle) while I wait for something substantive to come on.

“As for Shepard Smith, I thought he was just intended to be a ‘pretty face,’ certainly no one to be taken seriously, just a ‘reader.’ His behavior at New Orleans confirmed my worst impressions.  I occasionally watch the show only when a ‘guest’ is filling in for him.

“Greta is strictly tabloid junk. What place has that stuff on a news channel that supposedly takes itself seriously?

“Hannity and Colmes are simply ‘the odd couple’ of cable?terrible chemistry.

“Where are the substantive programs that are so lacking on cable? If it wasn’t for Brit Hume and the occasional appearances of Charles Krauthammer, the channel would be a total loss.”

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