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Accuracy in Media has led the way in reporting on concern among conservatives that the Fox News Channel is drifting to the left. Perhaps the most egregious example was the global warming program on Fox featuring Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as a “special correspondent.” Some people who responded to our comments noted that FNC host Bill O’Reilly had bought into the man-made global warming theory long before the channel ran the Kennedy special.

“Your writing is ‘right on’ and we can’t agree more,” said one. “O’Reilly has really gone bonkers…”

Another said, “Just read your recent article regarding Fox News Channel and the global warming issue and I am glad you chose to address this matter.  I’ve forwarded to you an email I sent FNC after seeing portions of their show. I did not bother to watch all of it.  I thought you might appreciate reading my email response to FNC after they aired their environmental propaganda piece.”

He added, “FNC is not the cure-all broadcaster to counter liberally biased MSM.  It is better than MSM, but is not perfect.  Much of its regular programming fails to meet its own ‘fair and balanced’ mantra; your analysis of Bill O’Reilly is a good example.”

One person wrote in to say, “No one has even mentioned the spate of ex-CNN reporters, such as Bill Hemmer, coming to FOX…and he certainly is NOT fair and balanced.  He has the Washington Post and NY Times people on more than any other sources.  Wesley Clark?  Conservative?  I don’t think so!  No one to rebut him either.  What has happened to Shepard Smith?  Apparently he has been in NYC too long…..and New Orleans!  It has gotten to him, I think.  Oh well, it was too good to last…”

One said, “Good article! I had to give up on Fox News about six months ago. The morning show stopped doing news, the obsession with President Bush’s poll numbers over the last year. Just a continued spiral down the drain.”

Still another: “I have abandoned Fox News the same way they have left the conservatives.”

“My husband and I were angry but had to laugh out loud at that show with Bobby Kennedy,” said one lady. “What nonsense. Fox must have had a reason to run it although there was not a scientific fact in it. I agree they should move their parent company out of NY if they are so afraid of a Kennedy as Attorney General. If he wants the office, he will get it. What else is new?”

“As a conservative,” said one, “I agree with the readers who indicate that Fox is beginning to tilt more to the left. Greta, Colmes, Geraldo and Shep Smith are not exactly conservatives…….”

One explained, “It seems to me that a lot of conservative news/political junkies don’t understand the nature and character of News Corp and Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch is not conservative in any true sense of the word, as evidenced by the fact that his Fox Entertainment division is responsible for some of the most vulgar, violent and indecent programming in television and film, and that his satellite division makes millions from pay-per-view porn. His news division does lean right, but this I believe has less to do with politics and more to do with business: there was an untapped market for ‘fair and balanced’ news, and Murdoch wisely hired [Roger] Ailes to help him capture it. Murdoch is a mogul, and he only cares about profits and whatever benefits his company, and if that means appeasing Chinese communists, Saudi princes, or left-wing politicians, so be  it.”

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