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If it had not been for C-SPAN, which covered the event live, many Americans would have no way of knowing that a former Arkansas State Trooper made a dramatic appearance at a “March for Justice” rally in Washington, D.C. on October 31st. In the best tradition of a whistleblower, L.D. Brown spoke publicly for the first time about his association with Bill and Hillary Clinton. His comments provide one explanation of why Hillary Clinton has put up with Bill’s extramarital affairs.

The reason is that Hillary has had an extramarital affair of her own—with former White House deputy counsel Vincent Foster, who was found dead in 1993. Brown, speaking at the rally, said he was personally aware of this liaison, had seen them intimately involved, and had even talked to Hillary Clinton about it. The still open question is whether this affair had any role in Foster’s death.

The Hillary Clinton-Vincent Foster affair is actually old news. Some other former Arkansas State Troopers have talked about it as well. Still, most Americans are unaware of it. Brown, who had served as a bodyguard for Clinton and traveled with him, described himself as an enabler who had been a part of the Clinton machine. He helped procure women for Clinton when he was Arkansas governor. In return for continuing silence, he had been offered a good job when the Clintons ran for the presidency in 1992. He chose to remain silent for many years. Now he has decided to speak out.

Brown’s confirmation of the affair between Foster and Hillary suggests it may have been a fact that Hillary asked Foster to monitor the activities of her husband. Ambrose Evans-Pritchard reported that Foster had a Little Rock private detective compile a dossier on Bill Clinton’s extramarital affairs. The detective was later gunned down, after Foster had turned up dead. The big question is where the dossier ended up. Was this one of the files that had been kept in Foster’s office? Is this why his office was ransacked by Clinton officials, including Hillary’s secretary, after his death?

Here in Washington, Bob Woodward, the Post’s famous Watergate reporter, has shown absolutely no interest in talking to Brown about his revelations. In fact, in its completely inadequate story about the rally, there was no mention by the Post of the fact that L.D. Brown had even been at the event. The coverage may have had something to do with the fact that the rally sponsor, the Free Republic dot com web site, is being sued by the Post. The Post claims that the Free Republic’s posting of stories from the paper on its own website, a common practice on the Internet, constitutes copyright infringement. The suit is viewed by some as an attempt to put the Free Republic out of business.

Those who saw L.D. Brown on C-SPAN—and then saw nothing about his appearance in their own media—should be wondering what has happened to the news media in this country. As for L.D. Brown, he has not only blown the whistle; he may have put his own life in jeopardy by speaking out.

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