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On the same day that an ex-FBI agent was indicted on charges of negligence and wire fraud in a Chinese espionage case, the FBI was on the CBS Evening News telling the American people they should have full confidence in the bureau to solve the question of who sent the anthrax letters that killed five people. CBS News correspondent Jim Stewart gave retiring senior FBI official Van Harp the opportunity to look like he is on top of the case.

ABC News reported that the FBI was told 12 years ago that one of their agents, who was supposed to be providing intelligence on the Chinese leadership, was secretly working for the communists. Chinese-American Katrina Leung has now been indicted as a spy for China. It was reported that she was having sexual relations with two veteran FBI counter-intelligence agents who were supposed to be protecting our nation against Chinese espionage.

Through the FBI she may have provided disinformation to the President and Congress. That may have included the view that China is really not an enemy, and that aid and trade will transform the communist system and bring China into the international community. That approach didn’t work with the old Soviet Union. But we’ve been led to believe that it will work with the Chinese communists.

Despite that fiasco, FBI official Van Harp told Jim Stewart of CBS News that, on the anthrax case, “they believe they already have their man, even if they never get his indictment?” Stewart said former government scientist Dr. Steven Hatfill is “the FBI’s number one suspect in the attacks, even though round-the-clock surveillance and extensive searches have failed to develop more than what even Justice Department prosecutors describe as a ‘highly circumstantial’ case.” That was followed by a curious Washington Post story about the FBI suspecting that Hatfill dumped lab equipment into a Maryland pond.

So we are led to believe that the same FBI that has been manipulated by an alleged Chinese spy for over 10 years has “the right man” in the anthrax case. But while we have evidence of Chinese penetration of the FBI, the FBI has no evidence against Hatfill. They have ruined his career, cost him two jobs, and may be reluctant to admit they have another Richard Jewell, who was falsely accused of the Olympic Park bombing. The “circumstantial” case against Hatfill seems to be based on mistakes on his resum? and his background as an anti-communist in Southern Africa. Stewart reported that “one possible outcome, sources suggest, is that the government might take the unusual step of bringing charges against Hatfill unrelated to the anthrax attacks at all, if they become convinced that’s the only way to prevent future incidents?” That sounds like persecution, not prosecution, the act of an agency trying to save face.

Meanwhile, evidence shows that one and possibly two 9/11 hijackers were exposed to anthrax, and an al Qaeda manual described the use of “poison” letters. Bio-labs have been found in Afghanistan and Iraq. But the FBI still thinks Hatfill is their man, even though they don’t have enough evidence to prove it.

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