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If parents planning a family vacation call a special telephone number, they can get a Walt Disney World Vacation Planning Kit.  It has brochures and a video, all designed to make Walt Disney World in Orlando look family-friendly and fun for kids.  The reality is something else.  You may have heard of “Gay Days,” when tens of thousands of homosexuals converge in and around Walt Disney World.  The Christian Action Network, which has documented this on tape, has demanded that the state legislature step in and stop the event because of the indecency and obscenity that occur.

When Bill O’Reilly of Fox News viewed a copy of a video of the “Gay Days” festivities, he said on the air, “I don’t know where the Disney people are.  I don’t know why they’re not enforcing the park rules.  This is public indecency ? most people have no idea this is going on? (Disney) better clean it up fast.”

Disney, of course, has had many other problems, some featured in the press.  Roy E. Disney, whose uncle Walt founded the company, is so concerned that he has created a website,   One section on the site is devoted to concerns about the company from families.  An article on the site by Jim Douglas says, “Disney uses the word ‘family’ a lot?but seems to have forgotten what it really means… Remember, Disney owns the company that airs NYPD Blue, which carries a parental-advisory warning.  It recently released Quentin Tarantino’s ultra-violent Kill-Bill movies.  Disney is also the company that presented Are You Hot? on ABC, a program Salon magazine described as ‘Just a steady flow of flesh and bones, trotted out for our arousal.’  In its relentless quest to become a global media conglomerate, Disney has completely lost sight of the family audience.”

An article titled “Dark Days at Disney World,” by Allan Dobras, quotes several young women recruited by Disney to be employees or interns at the park and found themselves assigned to living in an immoral atmosphere.  A twenty-year-old student from Glendale Community College in Phoenix, a young Christian woman who agreed to work as a lifeguard, was assured that she would be housed and work in a safe and pleasant environment and found herself assigned to an apartment where “alcohol, drugs, and sexual activity became a regular routine.”

Word got out that this woman, “Terry,” was a Christian, and she was taunted by others for her faith.  When two homosexuals exposed themselves in front of her, she left the company in disgust.  Making things worse, Disney has announced “Gay Family Days,” advertised as an opportunity to “advance the well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered parents and their families.”  This event is scheduled for Father’s Day weekend?June 17 through 20, 2004.

Supporters of radical-left filmmaker Michael Moore have produced countless stories unfairly depicting Disney as a censor because it didn’t want one of its subsidiaries to distribute Moore’s new propaganda film attacking President Bush.  That’s one of the best things Disney has done recently.  Disney has decided not to profit from a film that exploits the suffering of the Iraq war.

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