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Massachusetts News, the conservative monthly that broke the story about the training session in gay sex held at Tufts University last March, reports that Scott Whiteman, the parent who exposed the prurient nature of the session by taping it, is being sued by one of the sponsors, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network. The conference was for middle and high school students. The instructors were Department of Education employees. They showed the boys and girls what homosexuals do to each other, including a dangerous practice called “fisting.” The airing of the tape on a Boston radio show exposed this scandal.

Massachusetts News reports that Whiteman?s answer to the lawsuit says that the purpose of the conference was: “to incite and indoctrinate minors into experimenting with, and practicing homosexual and sadomasochistic sex, and promoting a radical gay agenda for grammar schools, middle schools and high schools.” He charges that it?s an effort to stop distribution of his tape, saying the plaintiffs don?t want it known that “their minor children are being exposed to illegal instruction in sadomasochistic homosexual practices that can put their children at risk of sexually transmitted diseases that are life-threatening.”

This charge is confirmed by a report on a talk given at the conference by a middle school lesbian teacher, Christine Hoyle. Her assignment was to tell how gay teachers could circumvent obstacles to promoting homosexuality in middle school courses. She told how she changed a class on the holocaust into an “anti-prejudice unit” that included homosexuality.

The principal didn?t want her to invite anyone to talk to the class about homosexuality. She got around that by getting her young special education pupils to vote for inviting a homosexual. The speaker delivered a graphic description of gay sex, and students complained to the principal. The speaker conceded that he said things inappropriate for thirteen-year-olds, but he says children should discuss gay sex acts with people like him, not with their parents and teachers.

Hoyle has her students do a research project and she videotapes them discussing what they have learned. She showed one of the tapes at Tufts. Girls thirteen or fourteen years old were shown saying they saw nothing wrong with homosexuality. One student said that ancient Greek poets encouraged homosexuality and considered it normal.

A straight teacher said of the video, “This is clearly desensitization to morality and the law. How come no one ever teaches …about statutory rape?….How about the tremendous health hazards of this lifestyle? What if the two hundred and fifty boys that were molested in Middleton had been in this holocaust class? Wouldn?t they have concluded that it was okay to engage in sex with grown men? After all, if pedophilia was openly accepted in the ancient Greek civilization, then why not here in America today?” This teacher saw the research material Hoyle gives her students ? pro-homosexual books and nothing on the other side. That is what is known as brainwashing. Parents beware!

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