Accuracy in Media

You know there must be something happening when the New York Times praises ABC News for running “an intellectually brave episode” of the “20/20” show that has angered the homosexual lobby.  That means the Times found it convincing, and so did we.  In the November 27 show, “20/20” uncovered the truth about the 1998 murder of Matthew Shepard, widely depicted as a hate crime because he was a homosexual.  Almost everything we were told about this murder at the time by ABC, the Times and every other major news organization was false.

We were told that this University of Wyoming student was murdered simply because he was a homosexual.  The truth is that he was the victim of a robbery gone bad by two drug addicts.  What’s more, Shepard was also a heavy drug user who was HIV-positive.  Not only were the perpetrators of this brutal crime not “homophobes,” but one of them knew Shepherd and was allegedly bisexual.  The real story of the Matthew Shepard case, as the prosecutor says on “20/20,” concerns the dangers of methamphetamine.  The two killers and Shepard were big meth users.

Why were the stories about this crime so wrong?  The gay rights movement wanted to depict Shepard as an innocent victim of a homophobic society.  This played into their demands for legislation to curb so-called “hate crimes.”  One of the perpetrators used that to his advantage, arguing when he went on trial that he went into a panic when Shepard tried to proposition him at a bar.  His girlfriend made the same claim in the media, including on “20/20.”  But now they say it was all a ruse, designed to get him a reduced sentence by suggesting that he wasn’t in control of his faculties when the murder occurred.  The ploy failed.  Both of those involved in the murder got life in prison.

ABC and correspondent Elizabeth Vargas are now under heavy fire from the homosexual lobby for dispelling the Shepard myth.  But ABC and Vargas ALSO show Shepard to be a very depressed young man, on the verge of suicide, because of his homosexual lifestyle.  The “gay rights” lobby doesn’t want to face up to that.  Matthew wasn’t “gay” and “proud.”  He was profoundly troubled.

And that is why we probably won’t see ABC or the rest of the media take this story one step further into the issue of how homosexuals can leave their dangerous lifestyle.  Dr. Warren Throckmorton of Grove City College has produced a videotape, “I Do Exist!,” on the phenomenon of the ex-homosexuals. The video explains how people fall into the homosexual lifestyle and how they can get out of it.  If this kind of message had been available to Matthew Shepard, he might be alive today.

Instead, as “20/20,” explains, he was involved in a lifestyle that took him to seedy bars and wild parties, running into people like Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson, who would eventually kill him.  Their motive, however, was not hatred of homosexuals but money.  They wanted Shepard’s money to buy more meth.  In that regard, Rep. Mark Souder recently presided over a House narcotics subcommittee hearing into the growing national problem of methamphetamine abuse.  That’s where the media should devote some more of their attention.

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