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Disney’s Deal With The Devil

Disney chairman Michael Eisner doesn’t think much of the Southern Baptists. They passed a resolution endorsing the boycott of Disney because of its anti-family products. He has also been critical of the Southern Baptists for trying to convert others, including Jews, to the Christian faith. He said this was “something that hasn’t been recommended since the ‘40s in Europe.” That’s right: Eisner was comparing Southern Baptists to Nazis.

But now it turns out that Eisner is making a deal of his own with one of the most repressive regimes in the world today. Eisner is reportedly planning a visit to Communist China to make a deal to allow the marketing of certain Disney products. Eisner wants to meet with the top Red- Chinese President Jiang Zemin. Disney wants to set up some theme parks and broadcast children’s shows in China.

It is fashionable these days to think that the Chinese Communists are friendly to the United States. But the fact remains that Jiang Zemin and his fellow Communists represent a regime responsible for the deaths of more than 60 million people since they took power there.

Disney’s friendly relations with China were set back after the company released a pro-Tibet film two years ago. Tibet is under savage Communist Chinese occupation. The treatment of Disney demonstrates that if any Western company airs or publishes any substantial criticism of China or its policies, the Communists retaliate. This heavy-handed response demonstrates why media magnate Rupert Murdoch, who masquerades as a conservative, recently canceled a book critical of China scheduled to be published by one of his firms.

In the case of Disney, the situation gets even more odious. It has now been revealed that ABC News chief David Westin has canceled a planned story on ABC’s 20/20 show that was going to be critical of Disney. Disney is the parent company of ABC. The story is reported to have been based on a new book entitled, “Disney: The Mouse Betrayed.” The subtitle is “Greed, Corruption and Children at Risk.” The story reportedly was to examine Disney’s hiring of pedophiles and sexual abusers at its theme parks. Co-author Peter Schweizer said it’s clear the story was canceled because of the Disney-ABC connection. He said, “If this had been a story on any other company, or the Catholic Church, or Boys’ Clubs, or a school district, this would have aired a long time ago.”

In a story in USA Today about this matter, reporter Keith Alexander tried to turn the whole thing around, making the issue the credentials of the book publisher, Regnery. Alexander, who was apparently taking his lead from ABC officials, tried to tarnish the reputation of Regnery by suggesting the publisher was “no stranger to controversy.” Alexander noted that Regnery had published the book, Unlimited Access, by former FBI agent Gary Aldrich, which he described as merely a “negative account” of his work in the Clinton White House. In fact, it was a best-seller that exposed gaping holes in the White House security system. If the Disney book does half as well, Regnery will have another big winner. And ABC and Disney will be losers.