Accuracy in Media

We agree somewhat with those who say that too many in the media are preoccupied with the Monica Lewinsky scandal. There is other news out there – and more and different scandals. Here’s one that affects your life: recent congressional hearings featured testimony indicating that the administration is working to implement the unratified global warming treaty. In this case, the administration may be violating the law and the constitution.

The hearing took place on September 16th, while the media were preoccupied with the Lewinwsky matter. But the testimony here, from business and labor leaders, paints a picture of an administration that is deliberately working to undermine the American way of life in order to promote a dubious theory. The treaty will cost the American economy at least $300 billion because of the restrictions that will have to be imposed on our industries and businesses. This is all being done in the name of preventing the release of greenhouse gases that are said to be heating up the atmosphere.

However, countries like China, an emerging industrial and military superpower, will be exempt. Because they are exempt, they will attract our jobs and our industries. Ironically, some experts say that, as a result, the impact of the treaty will be to increase the release of those gases and make the perceived problem even worse.

Melvin Dixon of the United Paperworkers International Union warned about administration regulations to implement this treaty “by the back door.” A similar warning came from Rep. David McIntosh, chairman of the subcommittee holding the hearing, who noted that the administration has claimed that it is not trying to implement this unratified treaty. But he said, “these protestations of innocence just don’t square with some of the administration’s actions.” McIntosh said funding restrictions have been included in Senate and House spending bills for the very purpose of putting the brakes on such “back-door actions.” The administration won’t submit the treaty for ratification because it is so one-sided and because it will cost our economy so dearly. They know they couldn’t get the 67 votes needed for ratification. Nevetheless, we pointed out on a previous broadcast that the administration has already taken steps that seem designed to get the EPA and state environmental protection units to implement parts of it. On top of that, McIntosh says that one White House document, from the President’s Council on Environmental Quality, “reveals the Administration’s desire to implement some policies prior to Senate ratification.” McIntosh says other documents indicate that the administration is considering various regulations, taxes, subsidies and mandates to implement the treaty.

But there’s much more we don’t know because the administration won’t disclose critical documents. McIntosh says his subcommittee requested certain administration documents in March of this year. They refused to provide them. He says only after subpoenas were issued did the administration provide some documents. McIntosh says his subcommittee may have to consider one or more citations of contempt to force the production of more material. It seems to be an old story: evasions, misrepresentations and cover-up.

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