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The communists didn’t stop the liberation of Iraq, but now they hope to force a U.S. military withdrawal. Toward that end, the two leading “anti-war” groups, International ANSWER and United for Peace and Justice, have joined forces to stage an October 25 “March for an end to the occupation of Iraq.” Their aim is to force the U.S. out and turn the country over to the Islamic terrorists.

We alert you to this in advance because, if the past is any guide, the major media will largely ignore the communist nature of these so-called “anti-war” organizations. ANSWER is a front of the Workers World Party while United for Peace was co-founded by Leslie Cagan, a Marxist associated with the remnants of the old Moscow-controlled Communist Party USA. In a joint statement, the two groups state that, “It was the peace and antiwar movement in the 1960’s and 70’s that proved to be one of the decisive factors ending the U.S. war in Vietnam.” That’s true, but the anti-war movement was manipulated by Hanoi and paved the way not only for the communist takeover of Vietnam but Cambodia, where more than one million people were killed in the genocide carried out by the Khmer Rouge.

The fact that both groups are working together is extremely significant. United for Peace had started organizing its own anti-war rallies because of the communist baggage associated with ANSWER. United for Peace was supposed to be the respectable and moderate alternative.

ANSWER is using the same old tricks meant to confuse and mislead the people and the press. The Workers World Party is listed as an endorser of the rally when it is the main force behind ANSWER itself. The Korea Truth Commission, another group heavily influenced by the Workers World Party, is another endorser. It focuses attention on U.S. “aggression” and “war crimes” in Korea.

United for Peace and Justice, which was supposed to be a “moderate” group, has unveiled a list of “action priorities” that includes a “Korea Campaign” to “pressure for self-determination of Korea, push for withdrawal of U.S. troops and forestall increased US aggression in Korea.” Notice that there is nothing in this statement that shows any concern about Communist North Korea starving its people and developing nuclear weapons. For its part, the ANSWER group opposes “the daily threats against the people of Palestine, Afghanistan, Iran, Korea, Cuba, the Philippines, Colombia, Liberia, Zimbabwe, and all others that are targets of the Bush administration.”

These groups manage to attract many tens of thousands of people to their demonstrations because they conceal the communist role in their organizations and, with the help of the major media, largely succeed. When we asked Washington Post publisher Bo Jones about his paper’s concealment of the communist role in the anti-war protests earlier this year, he replied that most of the complaints he received were from those who wanted to see the demonstrations get even more favorable publicity. That’s his excuse for ignoring the facts. We must not let the media cover for the communists again.

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