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Joe Strupp of Editor & Publisher magazine reports that the American Society of Newspaper Editors held a “gay reception” at a meeting recently in Seattle. Strupp reported that newly-elected ASNE president David Zeeck entered a room with outgoing president Rick Rodriguez and declared, “Rick and I are coming out as a couple.” Zeeck, Executive Editor of The News Tribune in Tacoma, Washington, was reported to be joking but Rodriguez offered only a “mild smile.”

Zeeck was critical of another paper, The Spokesman-Review, for outing former Spokane Mayor Jim West as an alleged homosexual child-abuser. 

Zeeck apparently prefers stories that put homosexuals in a favorable light. What might those be? ASNE reports that Karen Bailis of the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association (NLGJA) argues that news organizations should expand their coverage of homosexuals to such areas as parenting, in order to make them seem like your ordinary next-door neighbors.

The betting here, however, is that the “Heather has Two Mommies” stories may not go over well with the public at large.

As you may guess, the media are in the back pocket of the homosexual rights movement. Sponsors of NLGJA conventions have included CNN, ESPN, NBC News, the New York Times, NPR, CBS News, NBC News, Newsweek, Time Inc., the Washington Post and Fox News. The group’s president works for the New York Post.

CNN recently announced it was giving $100,000 to the group for journalist scholarships.

Its upcoming national convention in Miami is entitled “Out in the Sunshine.”

Those coming “out” include people with a transgender orientation. That is, people who have sex-change operations or dress up in clothes of the opposite sex.

NLGJA has hailed the New York Times for adopting policies protecting “gender identity or expression.”

Steven Petrow, President of the Board of the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association, claims, “Transgender employees are often most at risk in the workplace, facing harassment, ignorance and instances of discrimination.”

Protecting cross-dressers is a big change from the days of Abe Rosenthal, the former executive editor of the Times who recently passed. Rosenthal did not want to see the homosexual lifestyle celebrated at or by the paper. He even discouraged use of the word “gay” to describe homosexuals.

Today, media organizations can’t scramble into bed fast enough with the gays.

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