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Bill Clinton is nothing if not a masterful politician. He has consistently worked the media into making the public think that black is white, and that words are the equivalent of deeds. In his first term, he shut down the government by refusing to sign off on a Republican budget that, with a few slight changes, he eventually signed. He managed to create the perception that it was the Republicans who were actually responsible for the shut-down.

A similar situation with much graver consequences is currently unfolding. Late last year, a House Select Committee looking into national security issues regarding the sale and transfer of technology to China, issued a unanimous 700-page top-secret report which concluded that U.S. national security has been seriously compromised, and that the effort is still underway. The report is supposedly being reviewed by U.S. intelligence agencies to determine what can be made public.

Once again, the Clinton administration has stepped up its damage control operation to attempt to deflect the potential fallout from the report?s findings. On February 2, The New York Times reported that the administration takes the findings very seriously and that the President will (quote) “name a team of experts to assess the damage and report back to Congress,” (unquote). If the early leaks from the administration are any sort of foreshadowing, the findings of this team will be quite predictable. On January 7, a Wall Street Journal article by Carla Anne Robbins quoted unnamed government officials as saying the worst of the violations occurred under the three previous administrations.

The article cites three incidents of breaches of national security, all before Clinton. One involved Peter Lee, a Taiwan-born American scientist who passed classified information to Communist China in the mid-80’s. This included U.S. laser technology which could be used to help design nuclear weapons. Under a plea bargain agreement last year, Lee was sentenced to serve one year in a halfway house. There is no doubt that the Chinese have been spying here for years, but Clinton has literally thrown the doors open.

Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch has criticized the Select Committee report for not recommending prosecution of those found to have compromised national security. The committee said that the Justice Department was handling that, but Klayman argues (quote), “It?s just a whitewash if you let Justice do it…Unless Congress tells Janet Reno what to do in no uncertain terms, she?s not going to do anything. And even then, she may not,” (unquote).

The Clinton Legacy, a new video produced by Accuracy in Media, makes a compelling case that the Clinton administration has compromised our national security far more than its predecessors. It tells how Chinese money was funneled to the Democratic Party and to Clinton personally and what our government gave China in return. It features interviews with Ed Timperlake, co-author of The Year of the Rat, an excellent book on this subject, and James Woolsey, Clinton?s own appointee as the Director of Central Intelligence. To order this video call toll free to 1-877-5-Legacy. That?s 1-877-5-Legacy.

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