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The video of Bill Clinton’s grand jury testimony included a bitter attack on the attorneys of Paula Jones, the young state employee who was escorted to a hotel room by a state trooper acting on his orders as governor of Arkansas. Thinking she was going for an interview that might result in a promotion, Paula was shocked and humiliated when the governor dropped his pants and ordered her to perform what he now calls “inappropriate conduct.” That is the euphemism for a sexual perversion that he used throughout his testimony.

The President has lied about this incident with the same duplicity that he exhibited when he looked all of us in the eye through the lens of a TV camera and sternly declared, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Monica Lewinsky.” He claimed that he had never been alone in a hotel with Paula Jones. He used that same deception in the Lewinsky case, claiming that he was never alone in the White House with Monica. He did admit to the grand jury that they were at times alone together, but he said he never felt alone because there were other people in the Oval office complex.

If the morals of Paula Jones, the poor girl from Lonoke that the White House tried to dismiss as “trailer trash,” were as low as those of the rich kid from Beverly Hills, we would never have heard of Monica Lewinsky. When Paula learned that The American Spectator, had reported that she had done Clinton’s bidding and had even offered to be his girl friend, she demanded an apology from Clinton and sued when he refused to give one.

A federal judge in Arkansas has dismissed her suit, saying that Clinton’s treatment of her was “boorish” but not outrageous. That ruling is now under appeal, but before it was made, Paula’s attorneys deposed Clinton. When they questioned him about his affair with Monica Lewinsky, he lied under oath. That was the beginning of his present predicament. He stuck with those lies in his grand jury testimony.

He also lashed out at Paula Jones and her attorneys, angrily calling her lawsuit “bogus,” claiming that it was nothing but a plot on the part of his political enemies to destroy him. What went unreported in the wake of this outburst is the fact that Paula and her husband, Steve, are suffering because she sued Clinton for his outrageous “inappropriate conduct.”

Steve, who worked for Northwest Airlines for 16 years as a customer service agent, was fired last April, after Paula’s suit was dismissed, for allegedly refusing to work overtime. Steve denies this, saying he was not asked to work overtime and that others who were asked and who refused were not even disciplined. He and the union are fighting his dismissal. Al Checchi, a major Northwest Airlines shareholder, is a good friend of Bill Clinton’s. Clinton was helpful in getting Northwest’s pilots to settle their recent strike. The company denies that firing Steve Jones was a favor to Clinton, but they have not made a case convincing to us.

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