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The loony left has managed a breakthrough into the mainstream media with its conspiracy theories about Bush stealing the 2004 election.  The Washington Post has noted that some of the theories emanate from a left-wing website called  One theory, that the CIA rigged the election for Bush through cyber warfare, was offered by a former investigative reporter for the AP wire service.

There’s no evidence for that theory.  In fact, the evidence suggests that the CIA supported John Kerry for president.  Our sources tell us that cars in the CIA parking lot were peppered with Kerry for President bumper stickers.  That’s why Bush’s new CIA director, former Congressman and CIA officer Porter Goss, is running into so much resistance to needed and long overdue changes at the agency.

There were stories about this resistance in the Washington Post on November 13 and the New York Times on November 14.  Agency professionals were depicted as horrified by how Goss and his new deputies were cleaning house.  The anonymous sources for the Post story by Dana Priest and Walter Pincus were described as the following: several current and former CIA officials, current and former agency officials, one former senior official with knowledge of the events, one former officer who maintains contacts within the Langley headquarters, and so on.

Under Goss, some of the CIA officials are now scrambling to save their jobs. One, previously known only as “anonymous,” has already resigned, only to appear on 60 Minutes on November 14 and turn in a rather unimpressive performance.  Former CIA analyst Michael Scheuer finally showed his face after having given “anonymous” interviews to all major news organizations and writing a book titled, “Imperial Hubris,” under the byline of “anonymous.”  He told 60 Minutes that bin Laden was a “great man,” but not necessarily in a positive sense.

In the past, when he appeared in the shadows, he made claims that were ludicrous on their face, such as that the U.S. government wants “to deny the Palestinians a country?”  In fact, Bush proposed creation of a Palestinian state, a concession to Yasser Arafat.  On the other hand, some of the things Scheuer told 60 Minutes, reported on the CBS website but not on the show, echoed our criticism of the agency.  He complained that, under CIA director and Clinton holdover George Tenet, “there [was] always enough people for the public relations office, for the academic outreach office, for the diversity and multi-cultural office,” but not enough resources for counter-terrorism.

“Diversity” had been carried to a ridiculous extreme at the CIA, especially when Tenet invited openly homosexual Rep. Barney Frank to the agency to celebrate gay pride. Fortunately, Tenet is now gone.  But he’s not complaining, even anonymously.  The New York Times reports that he has earned well over $500,000 in speaking fees from about 20 appearances over the last few months, and is negotiating for a lucrative book contract. His failures on 9/11 haven’t stopped him from getting rich.  “Anonymous” will probably join him on the speaking circuit.

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