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Liberal Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee have discovered the issue of decency. With the release of the Ken Starr report about President Clinton’s X-rated lifestyle, they have suddenly become paragons of moral virtue and have been trying to protect the public from the details. They have repeatedly complained about the House decision to issue the report publicly and put its contents on the Internet.

Now, the Communist rulers in Beijing have decided to ban distribution of a book in their country that discusses what the author believes to be Clinton’s sexual addiction. The book is titled, “The Clinton Syndrome, The President and the Self-Destructive Nature of Sexual Addiction.” But it is not an anti-Clinton book. The author is Dr. Jerome Levin, who voted for Clinton twice and agrees with his policies. But he still believes the president is in need of serious help for a classic case of sexual addiction.

His publisher, California-based Prima Publishing, was hoping to get the book translated into various foreign languages for international distribution. But the Chinese have refused. They have prohibited three of their publishing houses from translating the Levin book. Robin Taylor, an official of Prima Publishing, commented, “We have been told that the Chinese government does not want to make a book of this kind available in China because they consider it unfavorable to President Clinton. The Chinese authorities apparently don’t understand why Americans treat their president just like any other person and allow citizens to write about their government leaders.”

Taylor went on to say, “We work with foreign publishers around the world on numerous books. Never have we had the subject matter of a book impede its publication in a foreign country. But I guess it’s understandable when you consider the relationship between the Clinton Administration and the current Chinese government.” This, of course, is a reference to the close ties between the Clinton Administration and the Chinese communists. They are so close that another major scandal involves allegations that the Chinese funneled money to the Clinton re-election in return for transfers of high technology.

While this book is going nowhere in China, it has not gotten a lot of coverage here. But Insight, a conservative weekly magazine, interviewed Dr. Levin, who emphasized that the Lewinsky affair is not private. He says, “The one common denominator that makes Clinton’s behavior appear addictive is his inability to keep his private life private.” To prove the point, Levin cites Clinton’s pattern of conduct even before he became president, when he was governor of Arkansas and used state troopers to procure women for him.

But the same applies to the Lewinsky matter. “[Clinton] delivered himself into the hands of his enemies when it came to Monica Lewinsky,” Levin said. “He knew Starr was out to get him, and what he did was reckless and dumb. It was behavior so far over the edge that it played right into their hands.” This sounds a lot like Ross Perot’s charge that Clinton has a defective brain. It raises an issue we have talked about in several broadcasts – does Clinton’s behavior pose a risk or danger to our national security?

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