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An article by Rachel Deahl on a website called “The Book Standard” claims that the Ed Klein book on Hillary is not doing as well as it could, and this is because it is too personal. She claims the book has drawn fire from both left- and right-wing media because it “includes an anecdote about Chelsea Clinton supposedly being conceived during a rape, along with numerous references to the former First Lady’s being a lesbian?”

This is false, and this so-called “review” of the controversy over the book is another indication that many people who write about it haven’t read it.

Regarding the rape charge, Klein reports that Bill Clinton joked about going to rape his wife during a vacation after he got drunk on beer. The incident, Klein reports, involved Clinton demanding sex from his wife, hardly an actual rape. Nevertheless, Klein reports that Clinton later told friends that Hillary got pregnant as a result of the incident. One doesn’t know what to make of this reported incident. A reader doesn’t know if it is true or not, only that Klein says that this is what was reported to him. Such a statement is not out of character for Clinton, who reportedly raped former campaign worker Juanita Broaddrick. His attitude toward women was to use and abuse them. Clinton’s sex addiction is a matter of public record and cannot be disputed even by his most partisan defenders.

On the matter of Hillary allegedly being a lesbian, that’s not what Klein charges. He has no evidence of lesbian sex, only evidence of Hillary embracing a lesbian political philosophy that doesn’t necessarily imply adoption of the lifestyle. This is a complicated topic that can only be explained by reading the book.

Sales of the book, which reached number two on the New York Times best-seller list, have been generated by Klein’s forceful appearances on some talk radio shows. Julian Tepper of WTNT-AM 570 in Washington, D.C. conducted a brilliant interview on his show on June 25. We report on the contents of this explosive interview in our AIM Report.

Another fascinating interview with Klein was conducted on the Internet radio program the Right Hour. Klein told Paul Weyrich, chairman and CEO of the Free Congress Foundation, that “I came to this project with an open mind. And it was only after three years, and 100 interviews, and tons and tons of research, that I concluded Hillary Clinton would be a clear and present danger if she ever sat in the oval office of the White House.”

Klein said that all the television shows he was booked to appear on, with two exceptions, were cancelled. That included ABC’s Good Morning America, the Chris Matthews Hardball show, Joe Scarborough, Aaron Brown, Paula Zahn, and Fox and Friends.  Klein insisted that “They are all cancelled under the hammer of the Clinton war machine, which has gone to war with me and has tried to discredit me. And has called up these networks and told them ‘If they have Ed Klein on, they are going to have a lot of trouble getting access to Hillary,’ and they have all crumbled, believe it or not. It’s hard to believe, I know, but that is the kind of power that Mrs. Clinton and her office wield.” He did appear on Lou Dobbs show on CNN and the Fox News Channel’s Hannity & Colmes show. He also eventually appeared on John Gibson’s Fox News show, but only to talk about Hillary’s work as a young lawyer on the congressional Watergate committee.

In an editorial, Investor’s Business Daily noted that Washington Post media reporter Howard Kurtz has said it is wrong to use the term “censorship” when describing the media black-out of the Klein book because television networks don’t have an obligation to interview any author. The paper countered, “We agree -censorship is the wrong word. So how about bias?”

The paper noted that the networks “put the foibles of conservatives on maximum display-as happened during last year’s nonstop parade of anti-Bush books-but impose a Mafia-like code of emerta on those that criticize liberal heroes.”

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