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Anna Maria Tremonti, the host of a radio program called “The Current” distributed by the Canadian Broadcasting Company, tried to make a name for herself recently by insulting the American troops who were part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. She conducted an interview with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and brought up the subject of war crimes against U.S. troops and Kissinger himself.

Tremonti went through a discussion with Kissinger about the ruptures in the Western alliance, she said: “There’s an International Criminal Court that’s just getting its start. What if the countries that have expressed their displeasure at this war and want to curb so-called U.S. aggression try to actually try the current Bush Administration for war crimes.” Kissinger replied that the court was a bad idea, that it could turn out to be political, and that it could actually undermine the concept of international justice. Tremonti then sandbagged Kissinger with this question: “Couldn’t you also be vulnerable to those kinds of charges?” Kissinger replied, ‘Who?” Tremonti replied, “You.” “I personally?” Kissinger said. “That is one of those questions on which one ends the interview. But just for your information if you read the provisions of the International Criminal Court it does not have retrospective jurisdiction.”

With that, Kissinger justifiably hung up the telephone. Tremonti was so misinformed that she did not realize that the International Criminal Court could not prosecute Kissinger for anything he did as a U.S. official because those actions were before the court was established.

On the CBC web site, Tremonti said that she had wanted to ask about “Kissinger’s role in creating and executing U.S. foreign policy from the Vietnam War, to Cambodia, to the coup that toppled Allende in Chile?”

This is typical of the attitude of many leftists. They have a problem with the actions Kissinger took to safeguard America and the world from the communist threat. The U.S. tried to save South Vietnam from communism. The policy failed, because liberals cut off money in Congress for the war effort, and South Vietnam fell to the communists. Soon, Cambodia fell to the communists, resulting in the murder of more than one million people. In Chile, the U.S. gave support to the Chilean military that overthrew an unpopular regime that was trying to impose a Castro-type dictatorship on the country. Chile today is a free country because of the Chilean military.

But Tremonti didn’t want to talk about that. And you’ll also notice that she didn’t raise the idea of a war crimes trial of Saddam Hussein or his cronies. The idea of prosecuting the U.S. Government and our troops for war crimes in Iraq is an absolute insult. The evidence that was broadcast on American and even Iraqi television showed the degree to which the U.S. tried to avoid civilian causalities in Baghdad. U.S. troops were greeted as liberators. If someone should be prosecuted, it’s Tremonti for journalistic malpractice.

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