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Bill Moyers And Big Money

Taxpayer-funded liberal media personality Bill Moyers aired a story on January 9 that purported to examine big money in politics. On the “NOW With Bill Moyers” show on public television, he introduced Charles Lewis of the Center for Public Integrity. Moyers, a liberal partisan of the Democratic Party who used to work for LBJ, admitted that his Schumann Foundation had funded Lewis. But Moyers didn’t tell the full truth about how they both have a connection to billionaire leftist George Soros, who is spending tens of millions of dollars to defeat Bush and the Republicans this fall.

Lewis has written, “The Buying of the President 2004,” on the big money supporting the presidential candidates. They talked extensively about this. But little time and attention was paid to how Soros is trying to buy the White House. In a throw-away line, Lewis mentioned that the labor union AFSCME had given $36 million to “mysterious” 527 [IRS designation] political action committees. Moyers said they were a way to camouflage support for a candidate. Moyers asked if George Soros was doing this with the Democrats. “That’s right,” said Lewis. “Soros does it.” But he said that Soros was disclosing these contributions and went on to say that he was really concerned about the money being spent that could not be tracked.

Moyers failed to tell his viewers that he is on the board of Soros’ Open Society Institute. And it turns out that the Open Society Institute is also pouring money into Chuck Lewis and his Center for Public Integrity. One report says that Soros has funneled $1.7 million to Lewis & Company. That wasn’t disclosed on the Moyers show.

Moyers today postures as a compassionate liberal. But Victor Lasky’s book, “It Didn’t Start With Watergate,” documented the fact that Moyers was involved in efforts by LBJ to spy on his political opponents, in one case using the FBI to investigate the staff of Senator Barry Goldwater. Moyers was also intimately aware of LBJ’s use of the FBI to bug Martin Luther King Jr.

On the Soros connection, it turns out that the Moyers show aired an interview with Soros last September 12, where he declared that, “The Republican Party has been captured by a bunch of extremists…” Soros, who has made billions of dollars by exploiting the capitalist system, was presented as an opponent of unchecked capitalism. David Brancaccio, who conducted the interview, described Soros as a supporter of democracy and nation-building abroad. Yet he was found guilty of insider trading in France and has been described as “the man who broke the Bank of England” when he used complex financial transactions to undermine the value of the British currency, the pound.

The real irony is that Soros is now spending millions of dollars to turn the White House over to the Democrats, using a loophole in the campaign finance law that he promoted. The Soros website features an interesting press release trying to explain that the Soros money is for the purpose of “educating voters and increasing voter turnout…” That’s about as straightforward as claiming that Bill Moyers is an objective journalist.