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Writing in his column in the Washington Times, Andrew Sullivan has written that “more and more principled conservatives” are coming out against a constitutional amendment in defense of traditional marriage between a man and a woman. He named Arizona Republican Chuck Muth as one such conservative but was clearly referring to himself as well. You see, Sullivan is an out-of-the-closet homosexual infected with HIV who believes in so-called “gay marriage” and calls himself a conservative.

Herbert London may have had this kind of attitude in mind when he wrote a recent column highlighting how his “fellow conservatives” have either forgotten the lessons of the culture war or have chosen to ignore them. He writes that David Brooks of The Weekly Stamdard, author of Bobos In Paradise, “seemingly ignores the deep seated moral consequences of middle-class financial analysts who go to S and M clubs in the evening. National Review editors contend homosexual marriages are virtually inevitable so there is little sense in resistance. Major conservative voices have been conspicuously quiescent about recent Supreme Court cases that have undermined equal treatment of the law and Judeo Christian foundations of American life.”

The “Bobos” are supposed to be people who believe in economic, not cultural, conservatism. Brooks writes that they “tolerate a little lifestyle experimentation, so long as it is done safely and moderately. They are offended by concrete wrongs, like cruelty and racial injustice, but are relatively unmoved by lies or transgressions that don’t seem to do anyone obvious harm.”

London, president of the Hudson Institute, says one rationale for ignoring America’s social and moral problems is that we are engaged in a fight for our survival in the war on terrorism, and that this is a far more important issue. But London argues that it is difficult to carry on the fight “when bread and circuses in the form of risqu? T.V. programs are a national distraction [and] when the radical sensibility gains acceptance through homosexual unions or the now common belief that whatever you do in the privacy of your home is acceptable.” He says, “One might well ask: ‘What are we fighting for? The right to watch Sex and The City and to legitimate gay weddings?'”

London says too many conservatives who normally defend our traditions have been silent: “Conservatives who have faith in preserving the best in our traditions are either on the sidelines cheering solely for the war effort or making concessions to cultural revolutionaries. They seem to have overlooked the nexus between internal moral strength and military muscle.”

Speaking of moral strength, the Centers for Disease Control reported earlier this year that AIDS cases overall had risen 2.2 percent last year. Among men having sex with other men, HIV cases surged 7.1 percent. It’s hard to see how “principled conservatives” could excuse or take part in such dangerous activities. We may be winning the war on terrorism, but we are losing the war on moral rot and corruption here at home.

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