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Bernard Kerik withdrew his nomination for Secretary of Homeland Security for various reasons, including his hiring of an illegal alien as a housekeeper and nanny.  It wouldn’t have looked good for the official in charge of enforcing our immigration laws to have broken our immigration laws.  It was an embarrassment for Kerik and the White House, which nominated him.  But the bigger problem is the lack of enforcement of those laws.

During the final presidential debate, the moderator, newsman Bob Schieffer, said that he had received more emails on the problem of immigration than any other question.  This showed that the public wants answers–and action.  And we need it quickly–before thousands–or even millions–of Americans are killed in another terrorist attack on U.S. soil, engineered by Islamic agents who have illegally infiltrated our country through Mexico or Canada.

The headline, “Terrorists said to seek entry to U.S. via Mexico,” was published over an article in the Washington Times back in 2003.  It disclosed that Al Qaeda terrorists are attempting to infiltrate the United States from Mexico to conduct attacks in the country, and Al Qaeda members are working with Mexican organized-crime groups in an attempt to enter the United States covertly.

Congress has passed two major bills dealing with the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on America that killed nearly 3,000 people.  One set up the Homeland Security Department and another promised “reform” of U.S. intelligence agencies.  But neither addressed the problem of immigration and open borders.  To the dismay of Rep. James Sensenbrenner, Jr., that intelligence “reform” bill dropped tough provisions to deny drivers licenses and other documents to illegal aliens and terrorists.

One day before Kerik withdrew his name as Secretary of Homeland Security, the department’s inspector General Clark Kent Ervin was dismissed.  His problem was that he did his job too well. Brian Ross of ABC News noted that, “Among the investigations being conducted by Ervin was what he called an illegal contract with the Boeing company for the installation of explosive detection machines at airports.”  Ervin says at least $49 million in excessive profit was paid to Boeing.  ABC news noted that Ervin also investigated the half-million-dollar awards reception held at a Washington hotel for airport screeners from the Transportation Security Administration.  The executives at the TSA gave themselves awards in cash.  ABC added that, “Using undercover tests, Ervin investigated airport security checkpoints and found severe lapses.  And just this year he discovered the problem of huge gaps in screening for nuclear materials at U.S. ports continues.”

America’s survival is at stake because open borders allow our enemies to infiltrate our country and actively organize on our own soil to destroy our way of life.  Americans have demanded action, but the government doesn’t seem to be paying attention. They think we’ll be fooled by new layers of bureaucracy in Washington.  This is the time for real investigative reporting.

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