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Even liberals seem uncomfortable with Al-Jazeera’s latest ploy. A left-wing blogger at the Huffington Post called it Al-Jazeera “comin’ out swinging,” as he noted the headline on the Al-Jazeera website over a story about a movie depicting the assassination of President Bush. The headline said: “Death Becomes Bush,” as if Al-Jazeera wanted Bush dead.

The story began: “It certainly will not cheer the man himself, but a new film depicting the assassination of George Bush is already proving to be successful.” It noted the American rights to this British film had been sold.

An objective observer would have to conclude that the headline was a not-so-hidden effort to agree with the assassination of Bush depicted in the movie. That would not be out-of-character for Al-Jazeera, a mouthpiece for anti-American al-Qaeda terrorists.

This website, incidentally, is an official part of the Al-Jazeera “news” channel that has spread so much misery and death around the world, especially in Iraq, where it has been banned for inciting violence. Now its website ran a headline suggesting Bush should be dead.

Yet State Department official Karen Hughes thinks U.S. officials should go on the channel, in order to persuade Muslims who watch to come around to our point of view, whatever that is. It’s a foolish exercise in trying to convince our enemies to kill us more slowly and leave us alive a little bit longer.

From our vantage point, the “Death Becomes Bush” headline is another reason to keep Al-Jazeera International out of the U.S.

The Bush snuff film is being aired in Britain by the More4 channel, which is carried by Sky Digital. More than a third of the equity of Sky is owned by News Corporation, the parent company of the Fox News Channel, which has also agreed to air Al-Jazeera International in Britain.

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