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An NBC News report by Lisa Myers revealed that the leading sources of terrorists in Iraq are Saudi Arabia and Syria. She also noted evidence that these terrorists are not being inspired by poverty to strike out against the West because many are well-educated and come from wealthy families. So why are they are motivated to kill?

She reported, “Saudis captured in Iraq say it’s because of pictures on Arab television network Al-Jazeera.” One Saudi prisoner in Iraq said, “We saw the Americans massacring the Iraqis.” Another prisoner said that radical Saudi clerics had urged them to go to Iraq to kill Americans.

In an article entitled, “Time to Hit the Suicide Factories,” Amir Taheri also brought up the issue of Al Jazeera’s influence on the suicide bombers. He said, “These human weapons are designed and shaped by a constant flow of anti-Western propaganda from Arab satellite TV, the so-called Islamic associations and countless madrassahs (Islamic schools) and mosques throughout the world, including in London itself.” Arab satellite TV is a reference to Al Jazeera. He added, “Any viewer of Al-Jazeera, the satellite channel owned by the emir of Qatar, has seen its chief Islamist guru Yussuf al-Qaradawi insist that Islam allows the murder of unborn Israeli babies because they may grow up and join the army.”

On a website called “Friends of Al Jazeera,” it was noted that a “renowned journalist” by the name of Riz Khan will host a new interview show for Al Jazeera International, a new 24-hour, English-language news and current affairs channel, which is to go on air in early 2006.

Khan was senior anchor with CNN International and wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal entitled “Why I’m Joining Al Jazeera.”

He explained, “I’m fully aware of the negative image of the Al Jazeera brand in the U.S., especially at the government level, but I think part of that comes from a misunderstanding of the strong cultural position the Arabic-language channel has among the average people of the Middle East.”

What did he say? An English translation would be that Al Jazeera incites Arabs and Muslims to kill Westerners. Who would in good conscience work for such an entity? More importantly, why is it permitted to continue to operate and create more terrorists?

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