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AIM Video Exposes Clinton Administration Corruption

The impeachment trial to remove Bill Clinton from office appears, at the time of this taping, to be headed for an ending that is distasteful to just about everyone. Most of the Democrats feel that he should never have been impeached in the first place ? that it is over a private sexual affair that the President naturally tried to keep hidden. Yes, they concede, his actions were reprehensible and he dishonored the office of the presidency. But it doesn?t rise, they argue, to the level of a high crime and misdemeanor.

The Republicans find themselves in the position of trying to convict an already impeached president with job approval ratings in the sixties and seventies percent range. How can this be, they seem to wonder, when clearly by lying under oath and trying to influence witnesses he has undermined the rule of law and the constitution.

Frankly we say a pox on both their houses. Yes, we believe that Bill Clinton should be impeached and removed from office, and we hope it happens. But the crimes identified in the articles of impeachment, while serious, are not viewed as such by most Democrats. Accuracy in Media has just produced a documentary called The Clinton Legacy in which we demonstrate a pattern of corruption, abuse of power and obstruction of justice that makes it clear that Ken Starr and the Republicans could have brought charges that the Democrats would have supported. The Republicans left the impression that the only impeachable charges turned up by them and by Ken Starr were perjury and obstruction of justice about Clinton?s sexual conduct.

Roger Aronoff, a member of AIM?s staff, has produced, written and directed a compelling documentary that lays out in unassailable fashion a pattern of abuse by this administration that shows some of Clinton?s crimes that Congress and Starr have swept under the rug. This documentary lifts that rug, and shows the muck and corruption that characterizes this administration. It looks back and recounts several egregious Clinton scandals.

Would the public have a different view of removing Clinton from office if it were proven on the floor of the Senate that the administration arranged for hush money to be paid to Webb Hubbell to buy his silence? How about if President Clinton had granted a waiver to the Democratic National Committee?s largest donor so that he could transfer useful military technology to China against the strong urging of the Justice Department? Or if it were proven that the Clintons had a role in politicizing the FBI and the IRS to go after political opponents and inconvenient people, such as the seven members of the White House Travel Office.

This new documentary, The Clinton Legacy, examines these scandals in a compelling fashion. It includes interviews with former CIA director James Woolsey, IRS victim Joe Farah, Travel Office victim Billy Dale, FBI whistleblower Dennis Sculimbrene, Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch, and excerpts of Klayman?s dynamite depositions of Linda Tripp and others. Video cassettes can be ordered by calling our toll free number, 1-877-5-Legacy. That?s 1-877-5-Legacy or 877-553-4229.