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The liberal media, especially the Chicago Tribune, have a vested interest in Barack Obama’s Senate campaign in Illinois.  They destroyed his first Republican opponent, Jack Ryan, through a manufactured sex scandal, and now want to quickly dispose of Ryan’s replacement, conservative pro-lifer Alan Keyes.  Illinois conservative activist Jill Stanek is troubled by the actions of “rock star” Obama and his “groupies” in the press.  She says they show a complete inability to report the facts about one of the central issues in the campaign?abortion.

Obama is a media darling being groomed by the state and national liberal press as the first black president of the U.S.  But first he has to win the Illinois Senate contest.  The trouble for Obama is that he demonstrated he was to the left of liberal politicians on the national level like Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy when he voted against a bill to outlaw the killing of babies who survive abortions.

The press realizes the issue could be a killer for Obama.  According to the Chicago Tribune, “A spokesman said Obama voted against the abortion legislation because it included provisions that ‘would have taken away from doctors their professional judgment when a fetus is viable.’  The legislation, which was defeated, would have made it illegal for doctors to let a fetus die if it happened to be delivered alive during an abortion.”  Jill Stanek says this is simply false, and she faults the reporters for failing to do the elementary research to show it is false.  She notes that the bill carefully defined a fetus that deserves to live as one who “breathes or has a beating heart, pulsation of the umbilical cord, or definite movement of voluntary muscles?”

On another occasion, Obama had said that he was not supportive of the legislation because it did not include an exception for the life of the mother.  But the bill, Stanek points out, has nothing to do with the mother.  It had to do with protecting the life of a baby born alive through an abortion who is separate from the mother.  Stanek accuses the press of permitting Obama “to give nonsensical excuses for voting against it.”

Live-birth abortions are difficult to discuss and write about.  Jill Stanek knows the facts and follows the media coverage because in 1999 she was a nurse at an Illinois hospital and held a live aborted baby until he died.  She went public with her story and played a role in the passage of the Born Alive Infants Protection Act of 2002, signed by President Bush.

On the state level in Illinois, she says Obama has been spinning the issue, “and his willing accomplices in the press have been allowing it.”  She testified twice before Obama and his Senate Judiciary Committee: “I told them of my experience holding a live aborted baby until he died, and that live aborted babies were routinely placed in the hospital’s Soiled Utility Room to die with no medical assessments or intervention.” Obama has been consistently opposed to protection for those babies.  Stanek says it’s time for the media to tell the truth about a practice that she calls infanticide.

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