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Washington Post columnist Harold Meyerson is described by the paper as “editor at large of the American Prospect and political editor of L.A. Weekly.” That’s only partly true. Myerson is, in fact, a socialist. More specifically, he’s a vice-chair of Democratic Socialists of America. Why doesn’t the Post tell us that? Is the paper afraid to admit that it has hired a left-wing extremist to write columns?

A socialist implies opposition to capitalism and big money. But Meyerson broke the mold last year when he showered praise on multi-billionaire George Soros for spending millions to elect John Kerry and other Democrats on November 2nd. The effort failed, but Meyerson thought it was great that a global capitalist had privatized the Democratic Party through loopholes in campaign finance law. Late reports indicate that Soros, who promised to go into a monastery if Bush was re-elected, has gotten out his checkbook once again, and plans to spend millions more building up the infrastructure of the political left. Of course, his plan to go into a monastery was a joke; Soros is an atheist and seems to think of himself as God.

An advocate of big and bigger government, Meyerson thinks the failed Social Security system is just great and is in fine shape. He recently used his Post column to assure his readers that “Social Security is on a sounder footing now than it has been for most of its 70-year history,” even though its Trust Fund has absolutely no cash.

Meyerson also used his column to jump on the media bandwagon and lambaste conservative commentator Armstrong Williams for taking $241,000 from the Department of Education to promote its No Child Left Behind program. “In this administration,” thundered Meyerson, “it is the role of a government agency to turn out pro-Bush news by whatever means possible.” By the same token, it is Meyerson’s job to sneak socialist propaganda into the Washington Post by whatever means possible. The paper is a willing accomplice and actually pays him to do this.

Also jumping at the chance to employ a socialist, the New York Times hired Barbara Ehrenreich as a guest columnist last year. Gail Collins, editor of the editorial page, said that she was “a brilliant social critic, historian and political commentator.” Ehrenreich is also an honorary chair of Democratic Socialists of America and a member of the board of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. She spoke to the national NORML conference in 2000 and attacked drug testing as demoralizing. But notes about her talk, posted on the Web, were written down by an admitted “stoner” and so we can’t know for sure exactly what she said.

As for Meyerson, he doesn’t sit on the NORML board but is an avid backer of “medical marijuana.” On the left, peddling dope to cure one’s health problems is acceptable, even though it’s just a modern version of the old snake oil salesman. Meyerson has not explained how smoking a noxious weed linked to documented cases of mental illness is beneficial. Perhaps he’ll write a column on the subject for the Post. But don’t expect the paper to label him a socialist.

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