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Writing in Front Page magazine, Lowell Ponte charged that Mark Halperin of ABC News is the son of veteran left-winger Morton Halperin, the side-kick of billionaire leftist George Soros. Ponte calls him “the red-diaper baby of hard-Left-connected controversial foreign policy specialist Morton Halperin.” That’s significant, Ponte noted, because Mark Halperin wrote the infamous memo telling the media to go hard on George Bush during the final weeks of the campaign.

The Soros connection also helps explain why so many in the media have gone easy on Kerry’s connection to Soros, who is spending millions of dollars to put the Democrat in the White House. So easy in fact that Kerry has never been asked to explain whether he agrees with the Soros agenda of legalizing hard drugs and turning America into a version of “Needle Park.”

We emailed Halperin’s political unit at ABC News for his response to Ponte’s charge. Ponte’s story has been up on the Internet for several days without a denial of the family connection. Mark Halperin, of course, is not responsible for who his father is, but this connection is definitely relevant in this presidential campaign season because of Morton Halperin’s role with the fat cat Soros.  Writing in The Nation magazine, Robert Dreyfuss revealed that Morton Halperin began discussions with Soros in 2002 about creating a new far-left think tank. Halperin, then head of the Soros Open Society Institute, brought former Clinton chief of staff John Podesta into the discussions. Podesta was made president of what became the Center for American Progress and Halperin became Senior Vice President.

The Soros connection lies behind many in the media but is rarely

disclosed. I recently did an interview on the air for the Canadian Broadcasting Company about the controversy over Sinclair Broadcasting’s plan to air a documentary critical of Kerry. I said that Sinclair had a first Amendment right to show the film and was surprised there were so many liberal censors who wanted the FCC to intervene. I noted that Sinclair had offered Kerry time to respond.

Danny Schecter of something called “” was the other guest on the show. It was obvious that he had not seen the film, but he quoted somebody who had been critical of it. We conducted some research into, only to discover that this group, like so many others on the left, has taken money from Soros. That’s relevant because the liberals and left-wingers backing Kerry are desperate to avoid the subject of how Soros is almost single-handedly trying to install Kerry in the White House. And the media are complicit in the scheme in their constant references to Soros as just a “philanthopist.”

The controversy over Sinclair seems designed to avoid talking about the far more serious matter of how a billionaire has exploited a loophole in U.S. campaign finance laws for the purpose of putting his people in power. If Kerry wins, look for him to staff his administration with personnel from the Center for American Progress. But don’t look for ABC News to cover that development.

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