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For years AIM has been trying to interest the major media, including the Washington Post, in reporting the facts about communist involvement in demonstrations against the war in Iraq. The Reds are not under the beds; they’re in the streets.

There’s finally been a breakthrough in this area. On April 14, it seemed as if the Post was trying to tackle the issue of communist involvement in pro-illegal immigration rallies around the country. Unfortunately, the facts were badly mangled once again.

Referring to some of the organizers, the story said: “Diaz, Contreras and other leaders were alarmed that the antiwar organization Act Now to Stop War and End Racism co-sponsored an April 4 news conference in the District to announce the [May 1] boycott, even before the April 10 events. The group has been criticized by conservatives as being affiliated with the Socialist Workers Party and supporting the Palestinian uprising against Israel.”

The May 1 event was designed to implement a national boycott-“no work, no school, no shopping, buying, or business as usual,” in order to demonstrate what it means for America to have a “National Day Without an Immigrant.”

It’s not the Socialist Workers Party, however. It’s the Workers World Party. The ANSWER group is a front of the Workers World Party, an openly communist group. It’s true it supports the “Palestinian uprising” against Israel but it also has a record of supporting Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, Kim Jong Il’s North Korean dictatorship, and Fidel Castro’s communist island.

The Post story went on to say: “Brian Becker, national coordinator of the antiwar organization, said his group has long supported immigrant rights and is not trying to co-opt the May 1 action. ‘We are just part of the coalition; we are not spearheading it at all,’ he said. ‘Whatever the immigrant rights community calls for is what we support.'”

What the Post did not disclose is that Becker is a key figure in the Workers World Party.

On the left, some activists have been griping about the involvement of Becker and his comrades in the immigration rallies.

But the Post seems not to understand what the controversy is all about.

A good place to start is the 1974 investigation of the Workers World Party by the House Internal Security Committee. Herbert Romerstein, who served on the staff of the committee, has a good article about these folks in Human Events online.

Will the Post ever get the story right? Does the paper care?

Or could there be illegal aliens delivering copies of the paper to subscribers in the Washington area?

We report. You decide.

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