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Gary Bauer points out that members of the homosexual rights movement engaged in character assassination of former President Reagan.  Matt Foreman, executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, wrote a letter saying that Reagan deliberately ignored the human destruction of AIDS.  In the Washington Times, a column by Andrew Sullivan claimed, “There is, of course, no moral defense of the Reagan Administration’s early silence and negligence with regard to HIV.”

That is a variation of the lie in the CBS Reagan movie, aired on the Showtime cable network, which falsely claimed that Reagan said people with AIDS were sinners who got what they deserved.  Gary Bauer, then an official in the Reagan administration, notes that while the first case was diagnosed in 1981, it took several years for the medical community to discern how widespread it was.  He adds, “During the Reagan Administration we spent $6 billion on AIDS research?more than any other disease.”  No cure has been found, and it is worth noting that, even today, there are scientists who dispute the HIV-equals-AIDS hypothesis.

A study from the Henry J. Kaiser Family foundation shows that, cumulatively through its fiscal year 2004, the U.S. government has spent approximately $150 billion for domestic and international HIV/AIDS programs.  By attacking Reagan as someone who didn’t do enough about AIDS, the homosexuals and their media allies have prevented a discussion of whether the U.S. is spending too much on AIDS and not enough on other diseases.

Regarding the Reagan record, writer Joe Mariani notes that, “In 1988?the last year he was in office?there were only 32,311 cases of AIDS diagnosed in the U.S., and a drug had already been approved that held the promise of treatment.  By way of comparison, there were over 62,000 cases of diabetes diagnosed in the United States that same year, yet no outcry about this was heard from the Left then or now.  It amazes me that Liberals don’t try to blame Reagan (or current President Bush, for that matter) for not halting the scourge of diabetes, a disease which has killed more people than AIDS.”

Nevertheless, the homosexual lobby applies unrelenting pressure to find a “cure” for AIDS and, failing that, a vaccine that will enable them to conduct their lifestyle without adverse health consequences.  One of the little-noticed developments from the recent G-8 summit in Georgia was backing for a global initiative to develop an HIV or AIDS vaccine. Development of such a vaccine sounds attractive but we rarely find the media discussing possible unintended and deadly side-effects, such as spreading AIDS through a vaccine to the uninfected in the name of fighting it.  There is rising concern, for example, that anti-AIDS drugs are causing the AIDS virus to mutate into more deadly forms. 

Dr. Richard Darling is president of the FAIR Foundation, which is designed to change federal priorities in spending on cures for diseases. He points out that $3 billion is spent by the federal government annually on AIDS in the U.S. out of $29 billion on all diseases.  He says 16 diseases that kill more Americans than AIDS get less federal money.

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