Accuracy in Media

Dear AIM Friend:

I’m pleased to know of your interest in helping Accuracy in Media confront the daily barrage of biased media coverage.

What this country needs is an adversarial press, and we don’t have one today. In fact, many mainstream journalists have lurched so far to the left that they actually support President Obama’s radical agenda for America.

That’s why it’s up to concerned citizens like you and me to challenge these enemies of freedom, and publicize their refusal to tell the truth to the American people.

Please make a generous donation to help us expose the media scandals and corruption that threaten the very existence of our Republic.

Together, we can hold the media accountable.

Sincerely yours,

Don Irvine, Chairman


AIM Membership Levels and Benefits

Watchdogs Club ($100)

Watchdogs’ Club benefits include twice-monthly AIM Report newsletter; Special Reports on important issues; 10% discount on items from AIM store; Invitation to AIM-sponsored events

Deputy Dogs Club ($250)

Deputy Dogs’ benefits plus 15% discount on AIM merchandise; DVDs of AIM events and TV appearances; All of AIM’s Special Reports; Invitations to AIM events

Bulldogs Club ($500)

Bulldogs’ Benefits plus 20% discount on AIM merchandise; DVDs of AIM events and TV appearances; Tickets to annual Reed Irvine Awards reception and ceremony

Top Dogs Club ($1,000)

Top Dogs’ Club benefits plus invitations to attend and participate in additional events and meetings of the Board of Trustees of Accuracy in Media

By becoming a member of AIM with a donation of $25 or more, you will be entitled to a full year’s subscription to the AIM Report, America’s longest-running media watchdog newsletter.  The AIM Report is published twice a month and exposes serious cases of misreporting by the media.

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AIM Report Subscription Pricing:

Individuals/families in the U.S.:         $25

Individuals/families in Canada:         $35

Individuals/families elsewhere:         $50

United States Institutions:                 $35

Canadian Institutions:                       $40

International Institutions:                  $60