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Obama’s previous State of the Union address claimed last year would be a “breakthrough year.” In this year’s State of the Union address he announced that he would turn the page.

Turning the page on last year’s grandiose and dishonest claims is what Obama does with each new address. Each year terrorism has been permanently defeated and the economy has recovered; Al Qaeda is on the run, unemployed dentists from Poughkeepsie are learning to install solar panels and illegal aliens from Los Angeles are teaching sex ed to kindergarteners.

And then next year he comes out to announce once again that the country has recovered from the crisis that he had already announced that it had recovered from last year.

And everyone applauds.

What exactly is Obama turning the page on? Two lost wars and the lowest employed population since 1977… under his predecessor Jimmy Carter?

When everything on the last page looks so bad, then it’s time to turn the page, offer up a minor variation on the same promises about infrastructure, income inequality and education, before going back to a busy schedule of playing golf, visiting foreign countries on pseudo-vacations and ruling unilaterally without regard for the other two branches of government that don’t control the military.

There are the false claims of victory in the War on Terror. Obama claims credit for the withdrawal from Afghanistan without accepting responsibility for the defeat. There is no mention of Yemen and Libya, which showed up in his 2013 address, now that both countries have been overrun by terrorists.

Turning the page means not having to read any bad news.

Having dragged the United States into two new wars, one in Libya and one in Syria, Obama sneeringly denounces Republicans and more serious Democrats who want to drag the country “into costly conflicts that strain our military and set back our standing.” By that he means imposing new sanctions on Iran’s nuclear program, instead of letting a terrorist state have a nuclear bomb.

In fact it’s Obama, not Republicans, who brought the United States into a proxy war with Iran in Syria while at the same time allowing it to go nuclear in the single greatest act of strategic insanity in history.

Instead Obama urges that we use “all elements of our power to defeat new threats and protect our planet.” Like inviting James Taylor to play in Paris. The terrorists must have been terrified.

Obama is already claiming credit for beating ISIS, even though ISIS has actually doubled the land it controls since his airstrikes began. But that just means ISIS won’t be mentioned in the 2016 address.

The page will once again have been turned.

Obama also claims to have beaten Putin. There’s only one minor problem with that. In the real world, Russia still controls Crimea. While in the unreal world, Obama controls CNN.

After years of pitting Americans against each other and after overtly endorsing the racist #BlackLivesMatter protests which culminated in the murder of two police officers and the racist harassment of gay bars and random white people eating brunch, Obama warns against allowing “ourselves to be sorted into factions and turned against one another.”

That is followed by equally false and misleading claims of an economic recovery. While Obama claims to have created jobs for Americans, in fact net job growth went to immigrants in mostly low-wage jobs. And the vast majority of the new jobs were part-time jobs.

Workers need to get two or three of those jobs that Obama is touting just to make ends meet.

Obama lies about putting Americans back to work while presiding over an economy in which immigrants have taken low-paying part-time jobs while Americans dropped out of the workforce.

But having just unilaterally and illegally passed amnesty, to take away even more jobs from Americans, Obama warns that bills “refighting past battles on immigration” will be vetoed.

This particular past was very recent, but when you’re turning the page on how you screwed Americans only a few months ago, then it’s suddenly the very distant past.

Somewhere between the Cold War and ObamaCare.

Obama insists on taking credit for an energy revolution that he battled every step of the way and continues to fight with his Keystone veto threat. Instead of admitting that fracking and cheap Saudi oil made the difference, he went on touting his solar and wind boondoggles that have cost a fortune.

The only thing solar power and wind turbines have done (besides killing eagles and providing kickbacks to Democratic donors) was make energy more expensive for middle class and working class families.

With a national debt over 18 trillion dollars, which increased more under him than every president combined, and a nearly 4 trillion dollar budget request, Obama describes the entire ugly mess, from ObamaCare to his frenzied spending spree on failed Green Energy wrecks, as “middle-class economics.” Even a snake oil salesman would have winced at selling ramming up health care costs for the working middle class as “middle-class economics.” “Screw the middle class” economics would be more accurate.

That’s why Obama lost the middle class. It’s why the man who took away the health insurance plans of millions is vowing to veto any effort to bring back middle class health insurance to “protect them” from being able to choose their own doctors.

But turning the page means never having to take responsibility for the things you did or the lies you told.

Every State of the Union address, Obama drags out the same claim about the gender pay gap, which even the liberal media fact checked to death, only for him to resurrect it again next time around.

Obama’s claim that he will lower the cost of community college to zero has already been fact checked to death, but still gets shamelessly put forward. The one thing that we have learned about Obama is that unlike George, he will not only tell a lie, but he will keep on smugly telling it without any trace of shame.

That shamelessness is the sum of Obama’s brilliance.

Having taxed prosthetics for ObamaCare while threatening any effort to remove his tax, he talks up “creating revolutionary prosthetics, so that a veteran who gave his arms for his country can play catch with his kid.”

Aside from making it harder to develop and buy those revolutionary prosthetics, Obama cut health care for veterans and let the VA assign them to oblivion for even routine lifesaving medical exams.

Having destroyed the space program, he speaks of “pushing out into the Solar System not just to visit, but to stay” when even visiting the space station requires relying on faulty Russian Soyuz vehicles.

Never mind “pushing out into the solar system.”

When Scott Kelly, whom he mentions by name, goes for his year-long stay in space, he’ll be traveling in a Soyuz vehicle.

An Obama speech is composed of constant lies. Connoisseurs can distinguish different types of lies.

There are the crazy lies, such as when Obama claims that setting aside his worthless Global Warming pact with China will “endanger the health of our children.” And then there are the shameless lies such as his claim that propping up the Castro dictatorship is “standing up for democratic values.”

Is there anything less democratic than propping up a dictatorship?

Finally there are the genuinely evil lies, such as Obama condemning anti-Semitism and explaining how his commitment to gay rights makes us safer right before he discusses his determination to release some of the world’s most dangerous Islamic terrorists from Guantanamo Bay.

And yet all of Obama’s lies are in their own way evil. We expect politicians to lie, but an Obama speech is more than a few lies. It’s an absence of truth.

Obama not only lies about the economy or the war, he lies about his policies, he lies about his motives, he lies about what he did and what he said, and he goes on lying about what he intends to do. He lies boldly and he lies by omission. He lies gleefully. Even when he calls for bipartisanship and decency, he perverts those impulses by lying about his refusal to compromise or show any decency to Americans.

What Obama has delivered is not an address, but a black hole of lies in which each lie clusters next to a dozen more until it is impossible to see the light.

This column was originally published on FrontPage Mag.


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