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Donald Trump says he’s worth $12 billion dollars. Apparently his opponents agree.

By Election Day the media’s editorial coverage, combined with the other candidates’ campaign advertising, will come to, by some estimates $12 billion dollars, focused entirely on Donald Trump’s presidential bid. Nearly all of that attention by the media and the opposing campaigns will have been negative, if not hostile, to Trump.

That’s a lot of money. It also represents a lot of power and manipulation of public opinion in the battle for the mind of the electorate. In the face of this unprecedented opposition, Trump has spent less money than any other presidential candidate in modern times. These metrics alone would lead one to believe that his candidacy is hopelessly doomed. However, there is one problem.

It is not working. Donald Trump is winning the election. Here’s why.

Gallup polling indicates that two-thirds of the American public do not trust the mainstream press. And that was before the WikiLeaks’ emails demonstrated that the media were not only hostile to Trump, but overtly colluding with Hillary.

Consequently, when the media repeatedly portray Trump as out and out evil—not just bad—but dangerously evil people are logically inclined to consider, if not outright conclude, the opposite.

This is not an accident. Trump anticipated it would happen. He knows how to break through the media barriers by getting directly on TV to present his message, rather than being misrepresented by anchors and reporters who are almost all left-wing. Today’s mainstream journalists oppose Trump more than they have opposed any Republican since Dwight Eisenhower, because Trump is a much more formidable communicator on TV, online and on stage than any previous GOP candidate.

Trump molded his message by scrutinizing the current economic landscape. Since American working men and women of all ethnicities have been sacrificed by the political class in order to achieve certain global priorities, he decided to run on this platform.

Three things made this work. First, he was right. Second, he has been saying this for 30 years. Third, the American people are feeling this pain and know he is right even if the media and politicians did not—or worse—did not care!

After the 7th Cavalry came to rescue the severely beat up New Yorker when he was wounded by  media revelations that he talked trash, Julian Assange rode in with the WikiLeaks Armored Division and blasted a gaping hole through the Media-Clinton Maginot Line-up of all-stars—every one of them opposed to Donald Trump!

The WikiLeaks revelations have also demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt that there is a rigged system. The American people are being cleaned out of their jobs, their tax dollars, their healthcare, their standard of living and the future for their children and grandchildren.

Nearly every print publication in America has endorsed against Trump. For example, The Atlantic did not endorse Hillary as much as they endorsed against Trump! But no one reads their editorials, and now few believe their reportage. Their last leg on the media stool was the polling data, designed to discourage Trump supporters and those leaning toward Trump by insinuating that his chances were outside the range of possibility.

The media accomplished this by over-sampling and over-weighting those who would say “yes” to Hillary and “no” to Donald. But WikiLeaks discredited this procedure by exposing that it was the result of collusion between the media and Clinton campaign in polling, just as it is in reportage.

Against the advice of everyone, Trump has proclaimed that the polls are as rigged as our current system. Proof of how this message has energized his base is evident in social media and the surge of volunteers. It also intimidates possible election cheaters, who think they might get caught. Who is going to do that for Hillary Clinton? Even both people who like her, don’t like her that much.

During the upcoming post mortem for the media, they will be exposed as nothing more than shills for the Democrat-Socialist Party if Trump defies their polling and wins. Who will believe them again? They will have flown their last suicide mission. Although the Internet doomed the legacy media a long time ago, they haven’t finished dying. They probably knew it. After all, it’s easier to risk your tomorrow if you suspect you probably won’t have one.

Some of Trump’s real estate competitors in New York, who neither like nor respect the candidate, are already in “what if” mode. They recently told a Bush insider that if Trump wins the election, he will exert every fiber of his being to becoming the most successful president ever. Watch out! they proclaimed.

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