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Over the course of the last week, White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci railroaded Chief of Staff Reince Priebus out of his job for allegedly leaking. He tweeted Priebus’ name in a threat to investigate the latest White House leak. He gave a couple of interviews that made it clear he thought Priebus was leaking and needed to go. And, voila, on Friday, Priebus was gone.

If you work in the White House and do not have the message yet, Scary Mucho is there to scare people straight on the issue of leaking. And he is not messing around.

He is sending a message to the staff that none are above suspicion or scrutiny. This is not the Obama Justice Department, where anything went, nor the Hillary Clinton State Department, where bribes and lawlessness reigned. It’s illegal to leak, and if you do so from the Trump White House now, you will be gone…no matter who you are.

Scaramucci is not in Washington to make friends. He is here to clean up the operations of the White House and clean out those who are not on the president’s side.

He correctly identified Priebus as a leaker and as someone who did not support the candidate and brought people into the White House who also were neverTrumpers. Those people are now on the shortest of leashes.

He’s treating the White House like a corporate C-ring. That means real accountability in real time. Corporations fire faster because they have a lower tolerance for losing. They fire warning shots across the bow to give employees a chance to fix problems before they result in bottom line losses or dismissals of them and their CEOs.

The rules are simple. Produce or be gone. Keep it to yourself, or you’ll find yourself telling your story from outside. And if you are working in the White House and not keeping it to yourself, this is the very day you should stop.

The media are missing this. Instead, it is charting how many cuss words he says and whether his wife divorces him. Scaramucci is viewed as a Trump wanna-be who lives to suck up to the boss.

No, he has complementary skills to Trump. He is doing the dirty work of cleaning out the opposition within. It won’t be easy, and it won’t be pretty. But it’s going to happen, and it’s going to happen fast.

Those on the outside, such as Priebus now and others soon to follow, will be stunned at how quickly they are done without. The middle class is hurting and wants Trump to help. They are not interested in infighting and attempts to bring down the presidency.

The problem is not what MSNBC, the Senate or any DC elites say. The problem is that leaking hampers the administration’s ability to conduct the people’s business. The New Yorkers in the White House are tough and like to fight and get things done. DC likes to mull things over and see which lobbies are most engaged. This is a culture war, and polite and nice are not looking good in their fight against brash and productive.

Washington thinks it can beat anybody, even these brash, rude New Yorkers. These New Yorkers get things done. I like their chances.



Photo by World Economic Forum


Scaramucci photo

Photo by World Economic Forum

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