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Starving men in the desert have a short name for what we now call “virtual reality,” “wishful thinking” or “President Barack Obama’s decisive foreign policy.” That word is mirage.

Seeing a green oasis amid the hot sands is a mirage. Believing one can charm dictators in Syria, Iran and Russia not to murder dissidents or that one can slickly seduce them from building or proliferating atomic weapons is also a mirage.

Mirages usually take place in the Mid-East, but hallucinating can happen anywhere. Barack Obama proves it. For three years he has appeased despots, hoping for change:   Syria’s Bashar Assad, Iran’s ayatollahs, Turkey’s Recep Erdogan and the Russian tag-team of Dimitri Medvedev and Vladimir Putin.

“This is my last election,” Obama recently whispered to Medvedev, confiding in him when he thought no one was listening:  “After my election, I have more flexibility.”

Obama was talking about concessions to Russia on U.S. defensive missile programs. Obama’s words were caught by an open microphone, and Obama meant what he said.  Nearly three years ago he stopped placement of defensive missiles in Poland and the Czech Republic, embarrassing and undercutting our allies.

Hurting allies while befriending foes is something at which Mr. Obama excels:

  • Obama undermined Israel and talks with the Arabs, asking things of Israel that even the PLO had not demanded. This sunk 15 years of direct Israel-PLO talks.
  • Obama invited the Muslim Brotherhood to his 2009 Cairo speech, wounding Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak, an imperfect but vital ally who helped stabilize the region. He who invites the Brothers to dinner, should not be surprised if they stay for dessert. An Islamist Egypt (the most important Arab state) may hurt the U.S. even more than an ayatollah-controlled Iran engineered by engineer-president, Jimmy Carter, years ago.
  • Obama and his top aides have tried publicly and privately to dissuade Israel from striking at Iran’s nuclear program, as Israel successfully did in 1981 against Iraq and against Syria in 2007. Instead of force, Obama prefers the Islamist president of Turkey, Recep Erdogan, to be his messenger to Iran. This same Erdogan hamstrings NATO and supports Hamas with PR-terror extravaganzas like the flotilla to Gaza. Reaching  out to an extreme Islamist regime in order to “moderate” an even more  extreme Islamist regime is probably worse than a mirage

Obama claims he is the most pro-Israel president in U.S. history, pretending that weapons programs begun under George W. Bush was all Barack Obama’s idea. President Obama also pretends the Muslim Brotherhood—the ideological godfather of Al-Qaeda and Hamas—is really moderate. Even as mirages go, those are whoppers.

When Democrats and media pundits say Obama has a “decisive” foreign policy and a “gutsy” national security agenda, that claim is not based on facts but on a smoke-and-mirrors-show starring the death of Osama Bin-Laden. It is now a full-length movie appearing on many of our TV channels.

When the Oscars and Emmys are announced, Obama will be listed in all categories: director, conceiver, screenwriter, and, of course, best performance by an actor.

Bill Clinton is going to be nominated for best narration by a former president who passed up several chances to kill or apprehend Osama Bin-Laden in the 1990’s.

“How Obama Got Osama—The Movie” may give small-print credit to The Navy SEALs (who carried out the well-deserved dispatch of bin Laden). There is a tiny chance the credits might also list President George W. Bush, who started a worldwide war on terror against the outspoken opposition of then-State Senator Barack Obama.

One of President Obama’s first acts as President was declaring he would close the Guantanamo prison, where interrogations led to major anti-terror successes like the bin Laden operation for which Obama now takes many curtain calls.

The Democrats’ love of Obama acting in Western-genre gun-fights is really something new. When George Bush said he wanted Osama Bin-Laden “dead or alive,” the Democrats, the media pundits and those influential European film critics all poked fun, just as they used to mock that “cowboy” Ronald Reagan.

President Reagan was an actor who knew how to perform as President, and his presidential credits include “The Fall of the Evil Empire” and “Saving the Economy.” From Jimmy Kimmel to Jimmy Fallon, we know that Obama can act as an actor, but citizens will answer the question whether Obama can act as president.

Can Obama’s role in “How Obama Got Osama” obscure his role  in sagas like: “Obama Loses Egypt,” “Obama Smacks Israel,” “Obama Fiddled, Libya Burned,” “How Obama  Sucked Up To Russia,” and, “Obama’s Magic Carpet to Atomic Iran?”

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