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President Barack Obama bragged about killing Osama Bin-Laden, saying Al-Qaeda was virtually defeated, but maybe the gloating was out of place.

“Osama Bin-Laden is dead, and Al-Qaeda is on the run,” claimed Obama, but Osama Bin-Laden has just reached back from the grave to laugh at Obama.

Recent events show Osama’s recruits beat Obama’s rhetoric. Arab-Islamic terrorists captured three of the most important cities in Iraq—Mosul, Tikrit and Fallujah—extended their power in Afghanistan and executed a major terror strike in Pakistan.

All this occurred just as President Obama released five Taliban terror chieftains, allies of Osama Bin-Laden, in exchange for an American soldier held by the terrorists. So who’s on the run now?

Indeed, there are many more signs that the Obama Administration’s victory claims were inaccurate, premature and downright wrong:

  • Arab-Islamic terror has been on the rise worldwide for the last three years, Democrat and Republican intelligence committee leaders agree, inflicting growing numbers of casualties, as radical Islamist influence increases even inside Europe, Asia, Africa and America itself, recruiting Western-born terrorists inside Western jails and  armies. The New York Times, CBS, NBC and CNN give scant coverage to many terror events, but ask your local law police commanders—from Brussels, London and Paris to New York and Los Angeles—if they think the terrorists are “on the run.”
  • Arab-Islamic terrorists have grabbed large parts of Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria as well as parts of the Sinai Peninsula next to Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia;
  • America’s well of human intelligence has dried up, thanks to the strong efforts of Obama and his attorney general Eric Holder to cut off interrogations of captured terrorists, preferring to release them back into those areas they first mauled with their terror plans and acts.

From his first day in office, President Obama moved to close the Guantanamo Prison Base, where the worst terrorists were kept, insisting the prison itself was a major recruitment tool for of terror. From his first day in office, President Obama was dead wrong.

The major terror attacks on the U.S. on  9-11 in 2001, the terror assaults on U.S. diplomats and soldiers in Africa, Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf in 1996, 1998 and 2000, and  the first World Trade Center attack in 1993, all happened before even one terrorist was incarcerated in Guantanamo.

Moreover, releasing terrorists from Guantanamo for “humanitarian reasons” has produced inhumane results. At least thirty percent of those released returned to active terror. The exact number is probably twice that high, but we do not have specific data on many of the released terrorists.

Senate Democrats poked fun at a Pentagon study which showed this trend more than two years ago, refusing to sign on to a 60-page Senate Intelligence Committee study that showed further signs of terrorist recidivism—something which Israel itself has discovered from its own unfortunate deals with terror groups. Israel found  the recidivism rate for terrorists released in various deals is between 30 and 70 percent.

The Bush Administration was pressed by Democratic politicians like Senators Obama, Carl Levin of Michigan, John Kerry of Massachusetts, and Patrick Leahy of Vermont and by alarmist media reports by The New York Times, Newsweek Magazine, the Associated Press (which turned out to be exaggerated or false).

President Bush began releasing Gitmo detainees, but he was still called inhumane. When Obama took over Guantanamo, there was less talk of presidential inhumanity and less pressure for terrorists’ release, but Obama released terrorists anyway.

The media  and the Democrats—and isolationists like Ron Paul—hinted  that America had brought terror on itself, that it could appease terrorists if it spoke to them nicely, gave them Islamically-sanctioned halal food, lots of Qurans in their cells,  and civilian trials in New York. It did not work.

It was like a child covering his or her head with a blanket to fight off nightmares, but the problem is that terror is a reality, not a bad dream.

But dreams die hard for someone with ideological blinders, and President Obama wants to fight terrorists by saying that there is no Arab-Islamic terror, that there is no “war”—only “man-made” incidents by Al-Qaeda or by “lone gunmen” such as Fort Hood or “crazies” like the Detroit bomber.

If one does not say “war,” Obama believes, there is no war. If one avoids saying “terror,” then there is no terror according to President Obama, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and UN Ambassador-now-National Security Advisor Susan Rice.

Mr. Obama fights terror symbolically and magically—by ignoring it. He thinks if he pretends terror has disappeared, then it will disappear. His appointees do the same. Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice pretend a murderous assault on a US consulate in Libya on the 9-11 anniversary was the result of a nasty anti-Islamic video.

Pretending that Arab-Islamic terror does not exist is exactly how 9-11 happened.

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