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During his press conference in Paris, France, President Barack Obama told reporters and tens of billions of people worldwide that the mass killings that periodically occur in the United States don’t occur in other countries. But a number of working and retired police officers told the Conservative Base that his statement is nothing more than a failed president chastising his own country with a lie.

“With respect to Planned Parenthood, obviously, my heart goes out to the families of those impacted,” Obama said during his visit to Paris for a Climate Change Summit.  “I mean, I say this every time we’ve got one of these mass shootings; this just doesn’t happen in other countries.”

Does President Obama and his White House live under rock? The very city they were visiting was struck with a series of simultaneous terrorist attacks. The majority of 130 deaths were in mass shooting,” said a police officer who is often assigned to presidential motorcades. “And before that, the French were attacked in January by Islamists angry with the French magazine Charlie Hebdo and they left 12 people dead including two police officers. That’s the incident in which Obama was the only major leader to fail to show support in Paris with the leaders of Germany, Britain, France, Israel, and Russia,” said the officer, who requested anonymity.

“It only takes some quick research to discover that rampage killers, acts of terror (as the Charleston shooting most certainly is), school attacks, spree killers are not unique to the United States,” according to The Federalist’s David Harsanyi.

Harsanyi notes that Obama’s badmouthing of Americans in Paris is a repeat of a previous Obama complaint: “My biggest frustration has been that this society has not been willing to take some basic steps to keep guns out of the hands of people who can do just unbelievable damage. We are the only developed country on earth where this happens. And that it happens now once a week. And it’s a one day story,” the President said in June 2014.

“The Obama lie – yes it is a lie – went unchallenged by the U.S. news media and some news people actually agreed with his statement about Americans and mass shootings,” according to former police detective, Sid Franes.

For example, a mentally ill man in 2013, Anders Behring Breivik, murdered eight people by setting off a van bomb in Oslo, Sweden – the American left’s supposed socialist paradise — before going on a shooting rampage that killed 69 children and adults at a at a summer camp. This is said to be the single worst shooting spree incident in history.  In fact, Obama paid a visit to the Norwegian ambassador’s residence to offer his sympathies.

In February 2015, in the Czech Republic a killer went on a killing spree leaving 10 people dead. In Germany in 2013, student retaliated for being expelled by killing 13 teachers, 2 pupils and a police officer.

That same year, in a Serbian village a killer shot 14 people to death — many of them his own relatives — and in Russia, a gunman opened fire with a semi-automatic rifle killing six people. In Britain, where even police don’t carry firearms, a lone gunman killed 12 people and wounded 11 others.

In 2013, a man diagnosed as being mentally killed 12 children and seriously wounded another 12 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Even China, with its draconian gun laws, had an outbreak of mass stabbings, hammer and cleaver attacks not long ago. One man stabbed 22 children while two attackers killed 29 people and wounded 143 at a train station in 2014.

President Obama is much like other liberal-left ideologues: they do not want facts to interfere with a good soundbite and a compliant news media makes it all the more easy to avoid the truth in the age of Obama.

This column was originally published at ConservativeBase.

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