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We love you, Maria Shriver. For the past half-year, with unchecked politically correct sexism, you’ve preached that America is a woman’s nation. Not only haven’t you faced any resistance, legal or social, NBC is rewarding you with a weeklong series called — what else? — A Woman’s Nation™.

Maria Shriver, you have two sons and two daughters. Do your sons like hearing from you that they’re growing up in a woman’s nation? I doubt it. What will their friends say? Nothing flattering. What will your daughters think about their brothers — and all men? Isn’t your TV program just as destructive as those that once prompted mothers to teach “life in a man’s world” to their daughters?

Nowhere in the US Constitution is it written that America is a woman’s nation. Our legal system is designed to be blind to specific groups, as the 19th Amendment illustrates: The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.

Yet, we have unconstitutional laws and policies that confer upon women unilateral rights and protections in rape, reproduction, abortion, custody, child support, domestic violence, workplace practices, and immigration. Why? Because spineless men fear retribution from feminists and sexual retaliation from their wives for writing, passing, enforcing, and adjudicating gender-neutral laws.













Dominant in Our Society

Time magazine buttresses Maria Shriver. In its October 26, 2009, issue, The American Woman, managing editor Richard Stengel cites a TIME/Rockefeller Foundation poll:  “Women have become dominant in our society. Women will soon constitute a majority of the workforce; they earn 57% of college degrees; they make 75% of buying decisions in the home… women are not terribly concerned with equality issues…” And yet they complain about glass ceilings.

Men are fast becoming slacker dudes and permanent blue-collar workers. This is because highschool programs favor girls; college-enrollment stats prove it. Not only are women dominating at the undergraduate level, they are receiving more than 50% of degrees in law, medicine, and business. At UC Davis 80% of veterinary grads are women. The trend of female domination is growing unabated.

Is this a problem? You betcha. A society of marginalized men is a weak society. Whom will these highly educated women marry? Slacker dudes? I don’t think so. Given that 40% of American children are born out of wedlock, marriage isn’t a big concern for many women. Too bad. Every study of teenage pregnancy, drug usage, alcoholism, gang membership, crime, and school dropouts points to the lack of fathers at home. Women file 70% of divorces and choose single motherhood as a lifestyle.

The presidents of Brown University, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, and the University of Pennsylvania are women. Great accomplishments. But, expect that, as fewer men graduate from universities, fewer will head them — and those who do attend will find curricula and policies favoring women. The workplaces will follow suit, as educated women will fill most of the management positions.

What Happened to Equality?

What happened to equality, Maria Shriver? Your preaching and TV show about a woman’s nation is divisive, not inclusive. What good will come of it? You are compounding the omnipresent wedge between men and women. And, by the way, any men who rally your cause are pathetic eunuchs — proof of your thesis.

As you speak on NBC this week, heralding the dawn of the “woman’s nation,” please remember that your sons — and all sons — will be watching. They’ll base their self-assessments and life/career plans on what you say. Will they want to be college graduates, soldiers, husbands, and fathers in a woman’s nation?

The NoNonsense Bottom Line

Notwithstanding the aforementioned, there’s one silver lining in your estrogen cloud. In canonizing women as strong, smart, talented, and self-reliant — and they are — you have done men a big favor: terminated all justification for women to receive alimony and child support. You are the alimony terminator. We love you. This is fantastic, as Arnold would say.

And so, America is now a Woman’s Nation, a matriarchy, a gynocracy. Women are in control. They no longer need, and therefore cannot require, men to support them financially — at any time, in any way, for any reason. Otherwise, they’d be hypocrites, wouldn’t they?



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